Is there a med in development for cognitives?

I only know for negatives


Naben may by Syneurx may be good for cognition, it is being developed for general schizophrenia symptoms (I think). Check out Aqw051 too. I think Avn-211 didn’t work, it was for cognition too.

Already developed


Is it already tested for schizophrenia?

Modafinil may be the first FDA approved cognitive enhancer or nootropic. Remember though that an increase in alertness of wakefulness may correlate with improved performances on cognitive tasks and this is mainly what modafinil is taken for. If stimulation can be called cognitive enhancement then other stimulants are nootropics as well. Don’t forget supplements as well like the racetams which are easily available online. Another drug people take to help them focus is strattera, which I don’t know very much about but have heard can be beneficial for memory.

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Check out the post not the link inside, there are like 5 studies listed

Cerebrolysin I think it’s good too for cognition