Is there a line (Or Rule) between P2P support here, and basically trying to diagnose people with stuff by proxy

I am seeing that some threads seem to have lines of questioning medication decisions made by physicians for example, and lots of conjecture surrounding vulnerable peoples personal medical situation on this forum.

I am not interested in picking fights with people, but I don’t like this behaviour.

What is the solution - ignore it, or challenge people when you see this kind of behaviour?

I am not sure if it should be accepted that peer to peer support does involve a bit of this, but what do you do if you think it crosses the line?

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I don’t think we’re children and there are many things that can help cure symptoms of schizophrenia.

It’s to be expected. But if it gets out of hand tag a mod.


There are young people here, and also vulnerable

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Anecdotal advice can be beneficial for some so it’s not all bad. I do agree it sometimes gets out of hand but moderators address these things daily. Often it’s a call on crossing over the boundaries of what is acceptable. As @ZombieMombie points out. If you think it’s over the top and inappropriate then flag and one of the mods will pick it up and make the call.

Avoiding confrontation is good for the boards as your well aware.


@rogueone sorry if it was a stupid question

I have come close a few times to going a bit vigilante on someone

I will flag now if appropriate

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