Is there a good drug for paranoia?

Hi, Latuda has stopped all my hallucinations! Yay! However, what would now combat the paranoia? Any suggestions gratefully received… thanks, mouse1977

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No drug that I know of has shown specific efficacy for paranoia outside the older, “typical,” and/or hi-potency, anti-P groups (e.g.: Thorazine, Serentil, Trilaphon, Stelazine, Haldol) and they only beat paranoia down by pretty much just shutting down the entire limbic (emotion regulation) system altogether.

BUT, the good news is, the cognitive, mindfulness-based cognitive and body inventory psychotherapies show a very high efficacy for reducing paranoia in those who can learn and stay with those skills learned in those therapies.

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –

10 StEP –



Good idea but I need something a little stronger than self talk! :flushed: … I thought an antidepressant would assist with the blues that leads me to be paranoid?? There has to be something, so many people suffer paranoia it’s strange to believe it’s medically untreatable…

delusions are the hardest symptoms to eradicate. I have learned to live with them- and I see a shrink twice a month and am studying psychology in college. Once you write a term paper or two or ■■■■ whatever about schizophrenia, and you make A’s on them, you can read them when you have episodes and feel better.

Or you could just take meds until you drop dead.

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Which part of it? I wouldn’t associate blues with paranoia. It feeds off of your delusional thinking and conspiracy theories. I have found no drug to help with delusions but my paranoia causes me fear and anxiety. Benzos help greatly with that but they won’t do anything for your delusional thinking that causes paranoia. That needs to be in the shrinks book for sz 101. But again I am not sure which part you are looking to treat.

There are certain types of feelings which can result in paranoia… one of these causes is depressive thinking…

I had extreme paranoia like a 1000/1000. Risperdal was amazing for me. I’m still not sure if I should stop it because of the weight gain and avolition. I decided to go to outpatient tomorrow.

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Thanks, maybe this would be great in addition as a combined drug alongside Latuda… can I ask what types of paranoia it solved for you? Was it just hallucinations or did it cure the feeling people are out to persecute you?!

Persecution and plotting against me. I am currently on latuda and Risperdal. I’m supposed to get off latuda though soon.

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Thanks so much. That’s a terrific help…

Ahhh, just read that respiridone causes prolactin to increase… sadly I must avoid this having suffered from a prolactin induced tumour… drat.

It’s low-%age at best, but I have seen some anecdotal reports of success in a smallish # of pts with paranoia using non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like Motrin ibuprophen and Alleve naproxyn.

(Paranoia is somewhat associated inflammation of the neural channels in an adjacent to the limbic system.)

It’s a cheap experiment. Give it a shot?

But I’d have to say it’s pretty likely way less effective than the mindfulness-based cognitive therapies (like DBT, ACT. MBSR. MBBT and 10 StEP) which are all known to reduce PTSD symptoms that sometime include paranoid delusions.

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Zyprexa helps with my paranoid/suspicious thoughts.

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Clozaril stopped all of my paranoia.

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drugs is not the answer for all problems. Try cognitive behaivor teraphy.

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Really? What paranoia were you suffering from? I suffered hallucinations but now just feelings…

sometimes i feel like my neighbours are watching me but then I tell my self that I just am a little paranoid.

I dont have hallucinations. Most of my paranoia was the feeling that people will try to kill me, follow me, planning something against me, hurt me etc.