Is there a fun section

On this place.

Where positivity reigns like the river of gondor

Or should i hit reddit


Lol stick around dude! I think the fun part of thebforum is usually the “say anything thread” thats usually where most people are most of the time


Sometimes the positivity abounds, just like in the halls of Rivendell.
Other times this place is like Shelobs lair.


Petty criminals :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The lounge mostly that category is the fun threads

Here’s some positivity for you:

You’re welcome!



What kind of fun?

Heres a goat kind sir


Also 2 melons

:watermelon: :watermelon:

Pls feed to goat



The fun section is usually the lounge category. Feel free to start fun threads!! :sunglasses:


I’m no fun. 15151515

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Awww. I think you’re pretty rad, Rox.


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Thank you! Hugs

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[ slithers out from under couch in a most stealthy manner ]

[ CHOMPS @Waga on the ankle ]

[ zooms back to hiding place now that fun has been had ]


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Lol you and hiding under the couch.

You remind me of those little demon monsters in the 80s cheeseball movie, The Gate.


I’m not supposed to hide behind the couch - that’s Bob’s spot. I got a wedgie the last time I tried to hide there.

(It’s really bad when you get wedgied and you don’t even wear pants.)

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How many goats does it take to tie a shoe?

3 goats to hold down the shoe. Another 6 goats to hold the laces and another 85 goats to eat the grass.


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