Is there a cure for Schizophrenia?

Is there a cure for Schizophrenia?

Do I have to live with little brain activity all my life?

Does brain activity increase for us or would be continuing like this for the rest of my life?

My memory is worst of its kind.

My consciousness improved a lot.

I’m posting below the medication that is doing wonders for me…

Same can be found on my profile - post.

Old medication

Morning: Risperidone Tablets USP 2 mg - 2 tablets - total 4 mg morning, /// Trihexyphenidyl 2 mg single tablet morning.

Night: Haloperidone 5 mg two tablets every night - total 10 mg, Risperidone Tablets USP 2 mg - single tablet + DON-4 ( A different company same drug - Risperidone Tablets ) 4mg - single tablet - total 6 mg night, /// Chlorpromazine 100 mg single tablet night.

Flupentixol Decanoate 20 mg injection.


New medication

My new medication is,

Flupentixol Decanoate 20 mg injection Monthly once [ once every 30 days … ]


Don 2mg - 1 tablet
Risperidone [ this medication is not being used as prescription has changed for morning, everything else posted below continues on a daily basis ]

Parkin 2mg - 1 tablet
Trihexyphenidyl Hydrochloride

Total 2 tablets


Don 4mg - 2 tablets [ total 8 mg ]

Serenace 10
Haloperidol 10mg - 1 tablet

Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride 50 mg - 1 tablet

Total 4 tablets.

[clinic] 22 days ago January 2019

I see that u r taking high dose of risperidone. Have u developed prolactin related symptoms - like enlarged breasts ?

[clinic] 22 days ago January 2019

have u gained weight on risperdone ?

[way12go] Today February 2019 February 2nd

In recent times, I didn’t gain weight. My health has improved and my consciousness has increased in recent times. Earlier, that is few months ago I gained weight, it could be risperidone + olanzapine

Also I came to know that lectins, a type of protein in food damages health from Dr. Gundry’s book " Plant Paradox ".

My health has improved. My psychiatrist decreased 4mg risperidone daily morning to 2mg in January 2019 and he decreased 2mg risperidone daily morning to no / zero mg risperidone in February 2019 and I will be visiting him during February 24-25-or 26th this month and he may reduce some antipsychotic dosage.

I don’t have any problem with enlarged breasts, no such side effect. Yes, sperm production has become almost zero.

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You sound a lot better. I hope it continues for you.


Thanks, my memory is worst of its kind, all types of memory are dysfunctional as far as I’m concerned, be it working memory, short term + long term. And I am unable to have pleasure. Good news is there is no negative thought train. And, consciousness improved.

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In short I am doing great. I can clearly see that I have a severe dysfunctional brain. I have never been conscious as I am now in my entire life.


Glad your doing better @anon93437440.

There is no cure for Schizophrenia - but its highly treatable. With the right combination of Anti-psychotics and a good support team from your CMHT behind you, there is nothing from preventing you from leading a normal and productive life. The key is “insight” - So long as your aware of your condition and your motivated to change your behaviours and thinking, you will be fine.

Dont believe the negative horror storys about Sz, you have the power to change it for the better.


And those of us who have fallen through the cracks of medical society are still screwed beyond belief.
We just sit in our corner under out covers shivering and screaming at everything that irritates us.
Thanks society, for never really caring about us.



That sounds terrible mate. But the difference between you and me is that i took responsibility and ownership of my illness - and did something about it, instead of a “poor me” attitude. Self Anaylsis is a wonderful thing. See what you can change within yourself - and the rest might follow.

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they call it remission

Unfortunately not yet. The therapies available do not modify the illness: They only improve cognitive function a little but the neurons keep dying nevertheless and in a few months the mind comes crumbling down again.

BUT there’s hope in an antibody that has been able to destroy the proteins that accumulate in schizophrenia patients’ brains (still unknown if the proteins are the main cause or just a by-product of an underlying mechanism) without destroying the neurons and -apparently- delaying the cognitive impairment.

It needs further testing outside a strictly controlled setting, though. With a bigger dataset to validate the results. If it works, that could really be a disease modifying medication.

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They’re working on it. As of now-no.
Maybe schizophrenia isn’t as high profile as other diseases and medical conditions but if by some miracle they find a cure (I personally can’t imagine a full cure, too much damage done to the brain and too much learned “different”, ingrained behavior to repair after you have schizophrenia for a few years) I’m sure it will be much publicized. I think there’s a better chance of preventing it than curing it. But they are working on new, more effective medications all the time.


I don’t have a “poor me” attitude and I still struggle everyday.
You can’t just will sz away.

Maybe you have have a lite variant or don’t suffer from negative symptoms?

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@anon93437440 I saw a thread you posted in which you claimed to have found a cure in niacin. What happened with it?

No im a confirmed sz. I just try to have a positive attitude. And yes I’ve bloody suffered thru it like the rest of us.

@way12go I saw a thread you posted in which you claimed to have found a cure in niacin. What happened with it?

I’m doing fine with medication posted in this post except depressive mood,

Niacin obviously does not cure anything except niacin deficiency illness

I’m a dumb guy, idiot in one word who posted much nonsense in this forum time and again.

Yes, with cognitive dysfunction I’m an Idiot.

I will post something important…

I’m depressed and unable to do anything productive.

I think of reduced medication but my psychiatrist lowered medication only once, I hope I get going on lower doses so that depression due to anti psychotics bites dust.

Thanks for asking.

Bye. See ya.

Things do get better with time. It can take a few years but you can pull yourself together and continue with life.

Just avoid getting stuck in a rut and looking inwards and you will find some peace in life.


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