Is there a cure for decreased libido?

Hi. So i have been experimenting with prozac for about 5 years and i found out that they completely ruined my libido and sexual desire.
So is there any cure for that?

Maybe a pill for erection. I have erectile dysfunction and low libido too


No it’s just another side effect of the pills
It’s not as bad as some things but it’s annoying and it sucks


Maybe try supplements. Maca Peruana for example.

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yeah, it’s chocolate

slow dancing with a partner

reading romance novels


There are a couple reasons why Prozac may be ruining your libido. If it is like some others APs, then it lowers dopamine, raises Serotonin, and alters your level of Prolactin. Dopamine is needed for libido because it is the pleasure chemical in the brain. Too much Serotonin is known to ruin libido. Also if your Prolactin isn’t where it should be this will also harm your libido. I strongly suggest to stay on what ever AP you are currently on, as you don’t want to relapse but you may want to talk to your Pdoc about your situation and see if switching to a different AP could help your situation. As far as a cure goes, you could stay on Prozac and at the same time take a supplement that gets your Prolactin where it needs to be. The altering of Prolactin by Prozac (If Prozac does alter it) hurts libido but doesn’t correlate to Schizophrenia and Psychosis in any way so if you take a supplement that fixes your Prolactin level it might fix your libido while at the same time it will not counteract what your medicine is doing for you.

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I enjoyed sex on Risperdal high prolactin levels

I was beer and smoke free, and it was easy.

I’m not sure what you mean by this.

I have low libido from paliperidone. It sucks. The only cure would be to reduce the dosage…

You make it sound like you took prozac out of sheer curiosity, but 5 years is a looong time. So it was probably a necessity, not a choice.
If you can’t ditch prozac, then try exercising, zinc supplements, and chicken soup. No bullsh!t.

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