Is there a correlation between schizophrenia and committing crimes?

Like not talking murder or rape or anything really heinous but I mean like survival crimes like car theft, counterfeiting, jewelry theft or stealing millions of dollars?

Curious to ask? Cause is it possible to be put in a psyche ward for illegal activity like that?

Sorry I’m asking cause I have an essay for my psyche class in college and I have to get it done on paper by Friday. It’s also 600 word essay. So thanks

Dude you posted about this yesterday and already got an answer. …

This might be one of the cases where your best bet it to ditch your current essay topic even though it’s last minute, and just power through a new one.


No there’s not a correlation. Writting about how there’s no correlation can help combat stigma, if you writte about that there is than you’re just lying.


There is no correlation. Read about negative symptoms and try figure out how on earth we could come up with criminal thoughts when we can’t take a shower or leave home.

Read about positive symptoms. How would a hallucinating person be able to make any important decisions for committing a crime. We are occupied with voices. Maybe if suicide is a crime in some countries, then we could be criminals there.

Schizophrenia makes you live in a bubble. In your reality and others outside the bubble tries to drag you out. Meds break the bubble.

Being on meds makes ju a passive lump. You can’t force yourself to do anything because meds are sedating.


Bruh you asked this yesterday. Are you just on here trolling to get a bunch of mentally ill folks riled up? Yesterday you tried to tell schizophrenics about how their brains work on drugs. Now you’re basically insinuating that schizophrenics are criminals. And btw I can tell you like drugs a bunch because nothing you’ve said has been written intelligently. And I’m a pot smoker, so don’t try to jump on me for being anti weed :wink: The short answer to your repeat question is “no” but I just felt like being a dick this morning and rustling your jimmies


There’s a higher correlation between non-szers and committing crimes. I do know that as fact. That might be a better essay topic.

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Stop trolling @Sourdieselking1


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