Is there a connection between eye color and schizophrenia?

I recently read that 2% of the people have green eyes. I am on of them. Also 1% of the people have schizophrenia. Is there a connection between eye color and this illness. I know it is probably unrelated, but i am just curios. So, what’s your eye color?

  • blue
  • brown
  • green
  • gray

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Uncorrelated imo

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Heard blue is the color of madness. Also heard there’s no relation to eye color and sz.

I wish I knew the color of my eyes, but I just can’t look at myself in the mirror long enough. whenever i look in the mirror, I get this growing bad distasteful feeling. or maybe I’m just scared to look in the mirror for too long because I think I’m looking at another person. I never look at another person, partly because of my sz.

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I wonder if the green variation gives all green eyed people a common ancestor as it does with blue…I always assumed brown is the base color for blues mutation…but it could have been green but since its so rare I doubt it…and I’d guess no on any relation to sz…

Same here, I can barely look in the direction of another person. I was like that for most of my life though. Eye contact, no thanks.


sucks during a job interview, where the interviewer usually wants eye contact, though. then again, maybe I can where shades or sunglasses. lo!

Lol I still won’t look them in the eye, hire me or ■■■■ off imo >____>


I just read somewhere that the caucasion race was the only race that its members had different hair colors and different eye colors. I don’t think it’s important, but it did interest me.

my paranoid sz gives me red eyes, frequently

I have a theory on this…that I just made up…interbreeding with our Neanderthal rivals may have introduced the varying hair and eye colors?..and to counter your point though not common I think albino is possible in any human…and I saw a special about a little Chinese kid who had brilliantly blue eyes and could read in very low light…the only one in his village with the eye color variant…

The eye contact thing is tricky. I am aware that poor eye contact is linked with mental illness and being seen as odd. As a result I try to make eye contact but the problem is knowing when enough is enough. Chances are you’ll register as odd for the bug eyed stare as much as for not making eye contact.

I used to not make eye contact and my pdoc said “you don’t make eye contact! That’s proof you are schizoaffective/schizophrenic”. Now I make eye contact, where’s the proof now??? Well I guess it shows I’ve come a long way in recovery. I always heard things like blue eyes=madness. But I don’t think it’s true

There is such thing as paranoid eyes, and I think blue eyes brings out the traits more evidently, maybe, but no correlation between eye color and sz. There is probably a higher percentage of green eyed sz folk on this board then the world population because the demographic here leans towards Caucasian, the only race that has a common gene of green eyes.

I intended to ask all members of the community about the color of their eyes but it I shud be only asked Caucasians because obviously Asians and African-Americans have brown eyes unless they are a mixture with Caucasians, Among the Russian sz people and I assume they are mostly Caucasian the result was that 37 percent of people who responded had green eyes

as a paranoid, I foresaw that this thread had a small chance of going ethnic. I’m also anticipating some jerk to make some corny joke like “how many schizophrenics does it take to look me in the eyes?”

or “what human race has the most schizophrenics?”