Is there a chance to be abducted by aliens?

I’m afraid right now.
I think they take schizophrenics

Did you speak to your psychiatrist yet?

Yes, he said i should continue
to take big doses of 4 aps,
until positive symptoms vanish.

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But if i wait till they vanish, i will vanish. lol

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Don’t worry about aliens. They don’t exist on earth. Even if they did, they wouldn’t abduct schizophrenics.


I think that we are vulnerable.

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Don’t worry, Om…the Aliens will only take the schizophrenics who are good cooks.


That was an insult to Om’s culinary skills. :crazy_face:


Maybe the aliens have a disease analogous to schizophrenia among their own kind. So they abduct us for testing and experimentation in hopes of finding a cure…just like we experiment on lesser animals to find cures to our health problems.

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Theres no chance you will be abducted by aliens. We are all schizophrenics here out of all of us why would they only come after you?

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I can’t say much due to forum rules, but I think there’s a very, very small chance it’s possible. I’m not going to go out of my way to convince you or anyone else, but I think I have had several reincarnations or iterations or ‘resets’ or whatnot (whatever you call them) sort of like a causal loop or time loop. My current theory (As of Right now) is I had my brain mapped, chipped, uploaded to an alien super computer in one of my original timelines or lives. I always occupy the same body, live, and repeat life for near infinity and eternity with the same name, but I have memories and dreams of going to other places and being ‘taken’ aboard craft from other parallel earths to different planets and places and have these ‘past life memories’.

I find similarities to the TV show “Westworld”

Sort of like SIMs (Matrix theory) outside of quantum mechanics (MWT) and there’s something off about MWT according to my every day experiences like I’m trapped here in this time being constantly reincarnated with this fake, flawed form of immortality. Like “Edge of Tomorrow” and a dozen other Hollywood movies.

Every life is the same and I always have schizophrenia but it’s like the universe or planet gets reset to it’s original state for me in the year 2011. This has been happening for eternity.

From my ‘research’ I have figured out my soul or consciousness is being manipulated constantly and experimented with by the aliens. Like they can transport my ‘essence’ ‘soul’ (the part which makes me ‘me’) into different universes, thus achieving a hell-like immortal experience and then the painful task of remembering little by little in a slow painful manner. Each ‘next life’ I lost all my memories and experiences and start all over from scratch…

I think they’re keeping me schizophrenic. Not sure why. I thought some ‘force’ or aliens gave me schizophrenia to discredit me and make me suffer, but it’s the aliens. I’ve seen the so-called aliens in my dreams.

I haven’t seen real aliens in real life yet, and I don’t want to nor do I want to go visit their ‘planet’ again lol.

But I have seen strange alien craft and seen the green fire in the sky and so forth in this life and I tend to think too much about it…finding patterns where it shouldn’t matter and think too much about such said things…

Not sure why they targeted me. I never got a clear answer from them. They took me out of the ‘sims’ ‘matrix’ before and let me ‘run things’ and ‘showed me stuff’ as part of their little experiment and told me not to talk about it, hence probably why I got schizophrenia.

I also think they control and manipulate humanity like in the SIMS game…pretty much.

I might be an android or alien myself according to my belief system. They told me they made me immortal…I guess the first one…(it goes against my belief system). I get ‘telepathic’ downloads I think or had them in my past lives.

I’ve seen short, tall greys; reptilians; Tall Whites; and other weird looking and weird such aliens…

Like I believe or ‘know for a fact’ the aliens can ‘take’ or ‘abduct a soul/essence/consciousness’ remotely aboard a flying saucer and send it or put it in a new body, de-age one, and put you in another timeline. This has happened to me before and I was sent back to my high school years in a parallel universe because I complained too much or bitched about being trapped in a time loop. They’re controlling or ‘saving humanity’. They’re shady, snarky, controlling, and possibly evil although I’ve met some decent ones in my dreams…

For some odd reason, I can remember my previous incarnations measured in the billions or trillions and every time I smoke pot (I get schizophrenia because of the bizarre effect on my brain or genetics).

I don’t remember everything, but I think I have trillions of memories waiting to be unlocked some day – most of them useless and based on experience and mundane things…

I don’t consider this my first life at all but a ‘repeat’ and maybe I’m an android or alien now…

I still have thoughts I’m a clone, doppleganger, replicant, etc.

I’ve even been to the past, present, and future and different realities too many times. It sounds like psychosis probably is…in a way…

I might be one of the oldest or original humans in the multi-verse lol…haha…

I’ve been through wormholes, different computer programs, and even black holes and experienced intersellar travel.

I don’t think I’m trying to fake it or lie but I genuinely believe I experienced this stuff or I’m just functionally ‘insane’.

Maybe I can get better and improve some day but maybe I tried too hard figuring things out and got more delusional lol…

The aliens told me we live in the matrix before but they don’t want us knowing really. It’s hard to grasp and accept as a Christian and some folks in my belief system think they’re fallen angels or demons. Maybe or maybe not. Some people have anger issues.

I need to get more into my faith and learn to reject such thoughts…

There’s so much more I could say or write. Ideas for a book or two some day???

On a tangent, I thought CCC (Conformal Cyclic Cosmology) was true and even became OCD with it. The aliens either told me it’s not true or lied to me and told me M theory and AI is the ‘real world’ and I even have memories of being unplugged like Neo in the original matrix.

I even seen human looking aliens in my memories.

Not sure why I felt like writing all this except to share and maybe document my schizophrenic experience and perhaps get some feedback. It’s like I have all this knowledge and nothing to do or can do anymore. I guess the feedback I’m expecting to get is ‘you need help’ ‘you’re feeding into delusions’ ‘it’s not real’ ‘take your meds’ etc. I guess what I really want is to be believed…

Thank you!

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