Is there a capacity in the mind

IMO no but whats your opinion?

can one know too much like…?




noun: capacity; plural noun: capacities

the maximum amount that something can contain.
“the capacity of the freezer is 1.1 cubic feet”

synonyms: volume, cubic measure; More
size, dimensions, measurements, magnitude, proportions, amplitude;

room, space;

extent, range, scope, compass

“the capacity of the freezer is 1.1 cubic feet”

•fully occupying the available area or space.
modifier noun: capacity

“they played to a capacity crowd”

•the total cylinder volume that is swept by the pistons in an internal combustion engine.
“the cubic capacity is 1171 cc”

•former term for capacitance.

the amount that something can produce.
"the company aimed to double its electricity-generating capacity

helloanyone out there

Do you mean the memory capacity … or something?

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