Is therapy a waste of money?

Therapy forever? That’s a waste IMHO, the goal of my therapy is to give tools to handle life without therapy.

Few years? Oh yeah, has helped immensely. Ive learned a lot, and think most people could use at least some minimal therapy check in.

I’m in support.

Therapy was free for me, but it wasn’t even worth what I paid for it

When one graduates university to begin being a therapist, one needs clients. So they start at the clinic, which pays a starvation wage. As soon as a therapist is good enough they move to a better paying job. Typically the better therapists leave the clinic sooner.

I do all of my therapy online now and don’t find it less helpful than in-person was. I appreciate the convenience and savings in time and fuel.

I think it’s effective. Therapy helps teach me how to help myself.

It really, really depends on the therapist. Some suck and some are fantastic. If you can find the right one, it’s definitely worth it. I had a licensed social worker as a therapist in my early twenties, and she was fantastic. She wasn’t highly qualified but she had an amazing disposition for that sort of work.

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