Is the year flying by? im not sure

days go by quick but nights are brutal and just drag on. it’s almost august, will be winter soon enough. in reflection I haven’t done much so far this year, just a little gardening and started working out again.

so far another year without a hospitalization. so that is good, but sometimes I just want to be locked up in a ward for 3 months and escape reality for a little while.


For me time flies by too quickly when I am single. I am dreading the future more and more each days that goes by. I don’t want to end up forever alone, that is likely the case fate have for me. So when I am psychotic I don’t feel alone, I guess that is better than nothing.


Sht yeah. You’re right, winter is almost here. Soon enough ill be ded.

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Omg is it ever and it’s the best year of my life too so far. Nothing bad has happened and it’s been the most fulfilling to me.

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The days are slow sometimes but the year has gone kinda fast since its nearly August as you say. I personally want this year to go fast I have my personal reason for that

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This year has gone too fast. I’ve made too much progress for winter to be here so soon. But I am glad football season is almost here.

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I’ve made some progress. I’ve lost weight, gone on a trip to Kauai, did a lot of quality hikes and bubble tea drinking, learned to be stronger through day treatment, made lots of friends who will be at my birthday this year, and I’m optimistic things will get better. Things started looking up in March of this year when I started hiking. Before that, I was still recovering from an episode… I started looking at art, went to a fun birthday party, hiked in the sunset, went walking with my dad, ate lunch plates by the beach, and had many laughs at support group. The next step is going back to work. I’m looking forward to a cozy winter with lots of good memories, especially as I start to tutor and peer coach.


This year has been rough for me and is moving at a snail’s pace…but it’s still better than last year when I was in the hospital almost every month. This year I’ve only had one hospitalization. But now I’m in legal trouble and am facing jail time…but hopefully since it’s my first offense they’ll go easy on me. And I haven’t overdosed a single time this year, either, and I have friends now, neither of which occurred last year. So… I’m good!

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