Is the word rehab

is rehab the posh name for a mental hospital

I thought it is short form of “rehabilitation”.

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Rehab usually refers to a place to go for addiction recovery/rehabilitation.

same as a mental hospital

From my experience it is different. I have been in rehab. My son has been in the psychiatric ward of a hospital or mental hospital.

Can I ask why you are asking? I may be able to help further if I understood why.

I agreed with BarbieBF.
And rehab may also help patients for returning to work.

imo both are a place to get well, so there simular

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Not really the same thing. A mental hospital would be a hospital that specializes in psychiatric treatment. A rehab is usually a place that treats addiction. A mental hospital would probably have a program for addiction but doesn’t specialize in such.

But where I am anyway they lump us all together (addicts/alcoholics and mentally ill) in the hospital psych ward so there can be some confusion. Luckily I’ve never been stuck in a legit mental hospital despite past efforts to put me in one.

Rehab can also refer to physical rehabilitation as well.


I watched Dr. Drew on HLN last night about Robin Williams. He said that rehab could mean anything, addiction, alcohol, depression, mental illness, dementia.

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Stigma against the mentally ill, even in the celebrity world is rather common. When a mentally ill celebrity has a setback, his or her publicist will say that their client is in ‘rehab’ when the reality is they are in a psych ward or hospital somewhere.
The way they see it - rehab is more accepting to the general public than psych ward.
Sad but true -


well said wave thats what i was trying to say

rehab is a fancy name for a psycharitric hospital

No rehab is different than psych ward or psychiatric hospital. Rehab is a place to go for addicition, its just that sometimes publicists/agents will tell the public a white lie and tell them that their client is in rehab when in actuality he or she is seeking help for their coexisting mental illness issues - in a psych ward or hospital. Stigma towards the mentally ill exists in all different kinds of circles

The company that I worked as a psych nurse at for 5 years had two seperate hospital programs: one for mental health, and one for rehab.

They are not the same thing, and should not be referred to the same.



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if it is , i got the bad room…!!
take care

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Some psychiatric hospitals double as rehabs, but most rehabs don’t do much psychiatric treatment apart from ther specialty, or so it seems to me.

The Rehab center I went to worked on getting me to kick drugs and alcohol. They didn’t worry too much about my mental health as a separate issue… because they treat it as… the drugs/ alcohol are causing the mental issue.

So rehab worked on me kicking the drugs. There was tighter security and less family contact and the conversation and behavior therapy was all about why I use, how I use, what I use, and what triggers me to reach for the drugs/alcohol.

After all that was stripped away, and I still had mental health issues… then I ended up in psych. That was different then the first process.

Psych hospital dealt with my paranoia and my problem with kidnappers and my depression. My family was encouraged to come more. The therapy was more about what was happening in my head… not why I was doing which drug when.

In the hospital there was a MICA unit. I think it stood for Mentally ill/chemically addicted.