Is the soul human?

Like if there’s life elsewhere maybe if you are re-incarnated you will be put in a body of an alien 100 billion lightyears away. Or is every reincarnation of the soul on earth? This is in unusual beliefs for a reason.

I think We reincarnate on earth. Sometimes I know things I haven’t been taught. I think it’s my past life that I learned it from. I also guess numbers right 95% of the time. Freaks out my kids lol. I think maybe the spirit of my past life watches over me like are still in me.

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everyone says they are an old soul, but I definitely am lol

you look like an old soul in your pic!

I most definitely am

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Some souls are human. Some souls are animal souls. Some souls are demon and angel souls.

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What about aliens? I should’ve worded it differently

“Is the soul earthly” is what I should have said.

Or universally

I feel I know my soul well but not comfortable sharing what it consists of but my current body doesn’t define my soul, but I do like my current body!

the soul just IS…its a part of creation itself and as much as you want to question it. It doesn’t mean you found THE answer…you just found yourself in this life time prolly. your human self is just a “personality” of the soul in some way…

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maybe this explains certain things…

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I’ve lived once but an old soul.

Experience makes your wiser or it wipes you out. I’ve had some experience. Never did understand reincarnation…bit sloppy of a belief system for me…

For me it’s return to dust. At least my particles are recycled in the universe even just as heat as I’m cooked on exit!

I find that reassuring. My humble life will influence the energy in the universe so mega, mega , mega oodles of zero’s times just that little, teeny, tiniest little bit!

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