Is the phenomenon of thought broadcasting a serious mental illness?

How do we define serious mental illness…?

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I’ve only heard of thought broadcasting being associated with schizophrenia. I had it for a while when I was in hospital but maybe it’s associated with other mental illnesses too. Not sure.

thought broadcasting is a delusional symptom of schizophrenia as far as i know

Thought broadcasting is a delusion and is a symptom of severe mental illness such as schizophrenia.


Why is our condition ‘‘serious mental illness’’? I feel quite casual about it now that I am in a better place. My only symptom was thought broadcasting which had a religious element. I thought it was spiritual…

Why did they section you then? It must have been more serious than that?

@Diana_Ross7. I’m going to be blunt. Based on your recent posts you do not seem like you’re “in a better place.”

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I don’t have thought broadcasting anymore. I have no psychosis.

I made myself homeless. I couldn’t function. Evidently they thought I was a danger to myself.

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I never liked the terms serious or severe mental illness. I have schizophrenia, which is considered a serious mental illness, but I function a lot better than some of the folks I know with depression or anxiety, and those are not considered serious. I think the severity of a mental illness depends on the individual experiencing it, and it is dumb to lump everyone under the same terms.


I don’t agree. It’s not your subconscious speaking. Thoughts are silent. And personal. Voices are intrusive, evil, and loud.


Yes, it’s very serious. It is associated with sz.

What are you disagreeing with? I didn’t mention subconscious or conscious

I don’t experience that anymore.

Schizophrenia feels like having a greater “psychic footprint”, where you feel your thoughts have undue amounts of influence on events happening around you. A large amount of those correlations are just made-up and forced, but sometimes they are so convincing that you feel as if you are in an alternate reality for a while, especially when it has to do with verbal communication, where the source of speech is having a full-blown conversation with your thoughts.

The most convincing theory I’ve heard explaining that phenomenon is the adrenochrome hypothesis, where adrenaline in the brain isn’t broken down properly due to some fault like inflammation, and it oxidizes, forming that psychedelic compound which gives you an LSD-like high until it gets flushed out. Treatment heals the brain, reducing the amount of that compound building up, and reducing that feeling of maddening interconnectedness, giving you your “psychic privacy” back.

Just a theory though.