Is the "pacing syndrome" a blessing in disguise

I annoy people sometimes but I do burn a lot of calories and have a fast metabolism::smiley:

When I get into mindless pacing…

I don’t realize I’m doing it… but it’s a sign to my sis that I’m having a bit of a hard time.

Sometimes I catch myself pacing… and I know… it’s time to go decompress…


Same with me. Pacing for several days in a row is a sign that I’m getting out of balance.


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I always pace…it’s my anxiety. Yesterday I walked 8 miles according to my Iphone! I did go for a 45 minute walk around the block but surely that wasn’t 8 miles.

I was thinking the “pacing syndrome” is both exhibited as compulsive behavior and obsessive thoughts. Imagine when you have racing thoughts instead of pacing.

Depends on the pace…

Two things trigger it for me…

anxiety will have me pacing in circles…

Randomly pacing randomly through the apartment… sign that I’m having a disorganized moment and can’t figure out what I was going to do.

What gets me is when it’s mindless… Last week… my sis sort of snapped me out of a trance like pace were I was in the bedroom hall with a spatula… not really registering that I was pacing.

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