Is the Moderna vaccine safe for older folks?

I spoke to my brother, he said the same thing, talk with his doctor tomorrow.
He also thinks he should avoid the second dose.

But he said that it was up to his doctor.

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Bear in mind that older folks often have various health issues as they age. It’s possible that some symptoms your father is having may be due to other underlying health conditions and may have nothing to do with the Moderna vaccine.

Definitely discuss things with your father’s doctor. The risk for an 86 year old of not getting vaccinated against covid (and then possibly contracting covid) may be far worse than any side effects from the covid vaccine.


I just called my elderly mom to see how she’s doing since she got the 1st dose of the Moderna vaccine on Friday morning.

She said she’s had no side effects other than mild soreness at the injection site.


I don’t want my teenage daughters to get this vaccine.

There’s been no life-long test of this drug…they just pulled it out of their ass in a few months.

Me? I’m an old f*ck so who cares if i get sick down the road. I just don’t want my daughter’s kids of the future to be born with defects.

Simply put, I don’t trust this vaccine.

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That’s good news @Moonbeam
Unfortunately my fathers symptoms like difficulty breathing and pain on the side of his hip and chronic fatigue developed soon after the vaccination.

I don’t think it was caused by natural occurrences.

Regardless I’ll see what his doctor has to say about it.


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