Is the Delta variant less bad or worse bad

I haven’t been following the news.

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More contagious.

I don’t think the symptoms are worse.


Yeah, like @goldenrex said. I think they are mostly worried that it is more easily transmitted. However I have heard that there is some indication that it may have slightly more severe symptoms as well.

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" Is the Delta variant more deadly?

Scientists are still tracking the data to determine how deadly it is. Based on hospitalizations in the U.K., the Delta variant does seem to be more likely to lead to hospitalization and death, particularly among unvaccinated people, according to a recent study published in The Lancet ."

heres the full article i pulled the quote from, just for giving credit where due:

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There is another variant now…it is killing at least 9% of Peruvian citizens.


Yeah, there were two other variants mentioned in that article I posted/read also. Lambda and Epsilon they were calling them.

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Yeah…the coronavirus isn’t making me very optimistic.


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