Is the Aryan Nation an international terrorist organization?

I must confess to watching some religious group called Christian Identity, although I am a Catholic I was interested in what they had to say, so I looked them up on the internet and found what I thought was one of their churches. Oddly enough I could not find the Church nor the Street call Faith Street, I road my bike the entire way and found nothing. As a schizophrenic, I must say I am a tad bit conserned about my actions and feel the need to express them. Firstly, I am not a racist, nor have I ever been. Secondly, I am not a terrorist in any way shape or form. Lastly, my concern is not having meet any Aryan Nation members but in being unable to finding a church which was did not exisist. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

any person or organisation that ’ sprukes ’ a ’ higher than thou ’ attitude towards another person or group…i think we all should be wary of.
as sz we have a tendency to get fixed on a ’ way of thinking '.
the fact that you could not find them is a good thing, in my opinion you were not meant to.
take care


Well, they are certainly not a group to look up too. Maybe it was a fake website with a fake church and a fake street?

It seems to me you can find Aryan nation sort of websites where you can talk, but they do not like to be found in real life. If you were looking to join them, first they would want to get to know you, and then before they would show you the place where they meet in real life. But, a lot of them don’t meet in real life at all, very few do and sometimes they get arrested for things. Like the case of they had a group and liked to hang out and have parties and play music loud at night, like death metal, but the neighbors hated the noise, and one of the Aryan guys went crazy and he killed the neighbor, and he got life in prison. And even the other Aryan nation guys thought he was just too crazy to be with them, so they all turned him in and so, if you could find a local chapter I would not suggest you hang out there as they could beat you up, or you could end up in serious trouble if a crime is committed and you happen to just be there. But, you are very determined to find them, but it sounds like you don’t want to find them, you could probably find them, if they trusted you enough to allow you to know where they are meeting.