Is the Americanised belief that you can achieve anything if you want to realistic?

Or is it the height of unfounded optimism ? My view is that no matter how we try there will always be things we are not very good at and that are beyond our capabilities.
These thoughts are stemming from watching a late night extended ad for Cize(a dance based exercise program). The creator of the program is very confident in claiming that anyone can be taught to dance well.
He obviously has never come across many poorly coordinated/dyspraxic people.

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I think it was an important mentality when the frontier was still dangerous as ■■■■ and they didn’t fully know what they were doing. Needed all the determination in the world for that crap. But these days I think it’s more or less just to keep everyone in the rat race with their mouth shut.


When I was young I wanted to be an olympic gold medalist in free style wrestling. I just didn’t have the ability. I did work pretty hard at it. I just didn’t have the talent. That’s not being defeatist. That is being realistic.

Absolutely not realistic at all.

There are a lot of hidden conditions in that statement.

“You can achieve anything if you want to!” (and you’re wealthy enough to afford any necessary training or education, and you have the social connections necessary to move forward, which requires you to be good at socializing, which means you have no communication or emotional or psychological issues that might inhibit your ability to be comfortable around others, and you have to be punctual, and you have to be intelligent enough to understand what it is you’re trying to accomplish and how to do so, etc. etc. etc.)

Truth: Opportunities for success come only from successful sources. If you aren’t close to successful people, you will not be close to those opportunities, and you’ll have to climb your way up. If you don’t have the fortitude to do so, you won’t get there, period.

Anyways. As far as the dance exercise program goes, sure, anyone can be taught to dance. Taught to dance well? That’s a totally separate issue.

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