Is that logic is it possible?

or that must be delusion

i will appreciate greatly all who read and reply to my topic
and to all warm greetings from me

all the years from 2005 to ~2012 i ll try to be short in telling the story
first someone who love to laugh too much rumored about me as be not man mostly "not man not girl "
and tell many people while i was in secondary school (school before university)
and some people couldnt believe that and told me that that person saying
i couldnt reply …as my ■■■■■ was very very short…
so everyone start to believe his rumor!!!
everyone start dealing with me as girl softly and with laughing


in university after 2 years i felt in first semester all boys not all but many of them know the rumor (they were laughing and looking to me they pointing toward me )
second semester girls start to know the rumor and close friends start to know (they were laughing while talking to me and looking to my pants )

i was very introvert have one to three friends we were talking exclusively in study
my look and my study was not that good becoz of rumor

my scz started in 2010
anyway do you see anylogic in what i said ?
or it was hallucination and delusion but there was no voices !!!
i see people laughing and pointing toward me and even my brother was abusing me by talk as being not man

important point after years passed years passed
i asked my brother did you know anything about rumor ?
he said no and 50% of men thinking their ■■■■■ is short
i asked my friend who i thought in the past he knew the rumor ?
he said no i dont know anything about !

anyone understand anything with appreciation tell me

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It sounds like it may have been a delusion.

Feeling that people are conspiring, watching, listening, laughing,

Its common.

I really doubt a rumor like that would have the kind of longevity yours did (lasting years), people forget stuff like that after a little while. Especially at a university, no one would care.

Do you still feel like people know?

Does it still bother you?


really appreciate your answer
may be i was delusional
not now i feel good about private parts dont think about that too much


It is difficult to say but if they said they didn’t know maybe it was a just delusion. :thinking:

All people do not laugh at you because…
Maybe it had been reference delusion and your worries about that,

Being a man has nothing to do with the size of…

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