Is TD the twitching of muscles?

Is this what it is when a certain part of your body twitching?

It doesnt seem so bad though.

Ive got twitching on my ass and legs should i be concerned

I don’t think muscle spasms like that are TD. But I’m not a doctor.

I even had my thumb twitching for a while and asked my doctor if it was TD and they said no. It eventually went away.

Best thing to do is ask your psychiatrist though.


TD is more of a stiff painful rigidness.


is it similar to restless legs?

Nahusually facial grimacing (I’d pucker my lips like a fish or have pain chewing food…on meds for it but can’t chew gum

Includes finger movements ex why I have typos

Lip smacking

Eyes moving around…bifocals don’t work well hehe

Tongue problems like as if bit it

So it actually hurts these movements??

Yes I feel pain most of the time.

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Ok thanks for that info my man!!!

Could still be a side effect

I really hope dr can help you

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Maybe take some vitamins you could just be low on something, also stress can cause this.


I might have the beginnings of TD. When anxious, I have facial movements, esp mouth, and things with my hands. But in my case so far, no, no pain.

:scream::cold_sweat: the awakening of side effects

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Long-term, yeah. I was on Orap for 26 years.

seach forum for TD or Tardive Dyskinesia threads. It will give you some idea. Its some thing you do not want. Better to address at incipient stage. Chk with your doc immediately if you have any doubts of TD. I have posted on some threads supplements that people have tried as well. Good luck.

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