Is talking with oneself a SZ symptom?

Let’s say I keep conversations with myself to the point that the conversations make me go happy, sad, etc… is that enough to say I’m sz?

If you hear voices is the only stand alone symptom that they can use to diagnose a schizophrenic. You need at least two types of symptoms to be diagnosed. I’m not sure where talking to yourself stands under but it is a symptom I’ve experienced until I started my abilify it stopped. But not enough to be diagnosed alone from.

i think sz is a little more complex than just talking to yourself. you usually gotta be delusional, too. that’s my case. I still talk to myself a lot. I think it’s a defense mechanism when I feel alone or I AM alone. probably related to my sza so yeah, maybe.

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Not necessarily. Talking to oneself can mean a lot of different things based on how you were raised, your internal world, your relative degree of disinhibition and the robustness of the social network of an individual. It can be embarrassing and some people may think that an individual who talks to themself is seeing and hearing things. It could be a problem if it cannot be curtailed in socially appropriate ways.

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There is more to Schizophrenia than just talking to oneself.
I was talking to myself a lot when I became destabilized on Vraylar.
Don’t know if the med was the cause.

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no it is not enough, it is not even an official symptom but it is common among szs.


I talk to myself when I need expert advice.
I picked this quote from a sticker of a car.

Well, it’s not a symptom of being normal.

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I often talk to myself and never seen it a problem. Cos I don’t in front of people.

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A schizophrenic doesn’t have the insight to know that. Even when I’m not psychotic or hearing voices I still believe it was other worldly, and not myself. I hate this subject. Fakes.

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I often talk to myself in gibberish… I have the urge to do it in front of people too but I suppress it…


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