Is taking pills bad for the liver?

Is taking the shot safer for the liver.
My doctor told me I have a fatty liver and high cholesterol.


Shot is bad for liver too

I take statins for high cholesterol. I probably could do better with diet but it’s still a problem so it’s something I do. These things are pretty easily controlled with medications these days. If your worried about liver then I’ve had doctors recommend Milk Thistle. It’s all about your diet and stuff like alcohol in the scheme of things…

Talk to a regular doctor and get some regular blood tests. I’m 50. These things are common in my life these days.

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I too have a fatty liver.
Although certain meds can contribute to a fatty liver the main culprit is an unhealthy high carbohydrate diet.

I’m addressing my fatty liver by changing what I eat.
I’m seeing a nutritionist who placed me on a low carb anti inflammatory diet.

So far I’m seeing good results.
My cholesterol levels are down to normal and my blood sugar levels have been stable.
My A1C was at 5.7.

There are no reliable treatments for a fatty liver other than eating a low carb diet.
Definitely stay away from junk foods full of sugar and saturated fats.

Seeing a nutritionist might be a good idea because it’s important to have a healthy liver.

Good luck!

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my pdoc said pills may cause fattened liver because its excreted at liver.shots excreted at kidneys.i also read this on drug sites.

i think so, i also have a fatty liver but numbers got better by diet and exercise.

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