Is taking muschrooms really that dangerous for us?

I don´t know if my post will be removed, but they are legal here. I think they won´t do me much since I take abilify 15.
I won´t smoke pot tho.

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Yes. Taking hallucinogens is bad for people with psychotic disorders. Use your brain.


They’re dangerous to take,

And honestly don’t really work when you’re on that much abilify.

Not worth the risk.

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I really need to admit that i´m not in the best enviroment to not take mushrooms. Everybody I know takes them and smokes pot. And I really liked them back then.

Yeah but your different! You have sz! God help you if you take mushrooms man, you’ll be in a world of anguish. You won’t even know what’s going on in the world you’ll be that deep in psychosis


They’re not the same on antipsychotics.

It’s not fun, I promise.

You’re much better off not taking the risk involved.

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Why don’t you ask your psychiatrist? I think you know what they are going to say.

allright allright, back to the unbearable numbness of not having a trip…

If this guy was my psychiatrist definetly would agree:

Lots of things used to treat depression are contraindicated for psychosis or mania. I’m sure he would tell you the same thing any psychiatrist would, hallucinogens are not good for people with psychosis.


Thanks everyone. I won´t take mushroms. Thank you for your support, care and beeing here.


I don’t have first hand experience, but I’ve heard that mushrooms are dangerous for everyone. I knew one guy who had a very bad trip on shrooms, and then he quit taking all drugs and became very religious.

Shrooms are worse than weed! They make you violent and cause visual+auditory hallucinations.
I took weed when I was on abilify and it was horrible. I had positive symptoms and became violent at the same time. I was about to commit crimes. My parents called 911 and 4 cops came to calme me. They didn’t leave me until I was seen by a psychiatrist. I was scared that they tase me if I didn’t listen to them.

Don’t you see news about SZs who take drugs or who stop their meds? A SZ guy killed his mother. Another shot kids in kindergarten and then shot himself. Its horrible.

I would switch from Abilify to another APs.
I developed drug addiction because of Abilify. It increases drugs effects and side effects.
My psychiatrist changed it to Latuda and I easily stopped weed. I also had other side effects like hypersexuality (I was addicted to hookers), compulsive shopping and gambling addiction. These are Abilify side effects listed online and approved by my psychiatrist.

All these bad side effects stopped when I switched to Latuda. Abilify made me a junky.
I vape 40mg nicotine instead and it helps my SZ.

“Tell your doctor right away if you have any serious side effects, including… trouble controlling certain urges (such as gambling, sex, eating or shopping)”

In other words, it increases addiction to anything because it works differently than other APs.


My bad friends that I developed when I was on Abilify tried to push me into cocaine.
What I did was leaving and blocking them forever. Its been 10 months.
No friends is better than having bad friends.
Your life and health is more important.

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