Is sza and sz different for eac of us?

i 100% tink it is

special really

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I also tink sz and sza is a umbrella term

wic is more tan compilcated

I think sz is too komplex to put it into words. We need, as affected, to put into some sort of category. I can divide my sz into 5 subillnesses like addiction, eating disorder etc…

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i aree its complexed , many diffent sytomps, for eac of us

but wat unite’s sz /sza, a psycotic episode

You forgot the ‘t’ in witc(h) :wink:

sir level da detec(t)ive :man_detective:


sir level inserts various new missing letters
for 'diffe(r)ent 'sy(mp)tom(removes [p])s

Sir level
Private eye :eye:

The Investigation corporation
were all about the privates

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His SZ is well-aged, yet austere, leaving the patient with an earthy bouquet and a rough mouth-feel. Aging it with medication has removed the patient’s suppleness and has left him with flabby overtones.

Don’t recommend.

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Yes, every case of sz or sza is unique

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I totally read that dirty lmao


Haha yes im sneaky :smirk: :sweat_smile:


its ok to know @Om_Sadasiva

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