Is struggle necessary?

I was at a twelve step meeting once and talked to a man afterwards and he told me I didn’t need to struggle. I told him I had to because I have an illness. He said he also had an illness and he didn’t struggle. Does he know something I don’t???


That would have been a good question to ask him then. If I told someone they didn’t have to struggle I would likely have some kind of helpful advice to justify the statement.

Oh, I keep asking myself this lately… cause my meds never didn’t stabilize me enough, they also didn’t stop totally my paranoia… And my ex pdoc ended up by saying, that my meds work , but for the rest, I should fight lol…
But I have one depressive friend and she asked me what do I fight against and why to fight? Idk… I am lost as you on that…
Some don’t even fight… but me, maybe I’ll need it too lol…
Yeah, it’s strange… idk if our efforts will help us, what do you think, Jinx?

Doesn’t matter. His circumstances are not your circumstances. His program is not your program. Nothing good comes from comparing your program with that of another member.


It seems to me life is nothing but a struggle for all mankind and always was, I just thought maybe this guy figured out some more advanced way.

Some of it is needless, but we didnt know how to change it.

He might have meant to not struggle against the program.

It sounds like he was refering to his alcoholism and yours. And either the context was forgotten or left out. Or it was assumed by him which context he was refering to. But most likely he was meaning that you dont have to fight anymore if you give yourself to the program and follow the steps.

Which i mean for that program its about surrender.

I like the idea that through the hardships of learning and suffering one can become stronger. And also through sacrifice. But i dont know if i am any better off by following this philosophy. And this is not a philosophy related directly to anything.

The wheel got invented to ease our struggle. The wheel lead us to the today’s world with the internet. We don’t need to struggle to get food or water. Maybe getting safe shelter is a struggle, but we invented gunpowder as well. Drugs and alcohol are too easy to get and it’s a struggle to free yourself of certain unhealthy addictions. We came a long way since stoneage.

I wish I had a sponsor that held that philosophy to heart.

You would be a good sponsor. Little rough on the ankles, but a good sponsor.

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I guess? I try to avoid inserting myself into every part of the sponsee’s life. I’m there to help them work the Steps so they can be successful with sobering up and unburdening themselves of their problems. I don’t think it’s helpful to order people around or to make them to do the same things I did. I want my sponsees to take actions based on their own inventories and circumstances. I’m really just a glorifed tour guide who has found the bumps and slippery spots on the 12 Step path over the years.


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