Is staying in a Hotel, in general, a scarry event, for schizophrnics?

I’m in a hotel and feel safe and sound!

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I’ve always enjoyed staying in hotels. I love room service.

Not for me. I love hotels.

I love hotels because nothing is familiar, I have no attachment to anything and I’m going to leave it all behind the next day.

Me too, I just went through a severe paranoid episode where I borrowed money from my parents to flee my home,then spent the next year or so staying at hotels.

It was the best experience of my life,because I had complete anonymity the stress of constant paranoia was gone,so it wasnt only a vacation from my surroundings but also a vacation from my mind.

The voices were still there but I knew for a fact that they werent my neighbors or some malevolent group consciously out to drive me nuts.

I wish that I had a job where I lived on hotels and was always switching from one to another,I went through 4 and stayed at my grandfathers house for awhile and the whole experience as great .

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I like hotels too.

I like to make ghost sounds with hi tech in other peeps hotel rooms

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When my medication is working, it is great. Staying in a hotel totally depends on the delusional context of any issues I may be experiencing. Once I stayed at a hotel and found a cigarette but on the balcony outside my room that is a different brand than I smoke. It was a private balcony with only access from my room. I was paranoid about that the rest of the trip.

I like hotels unless I’m staying there by myself. When I’m alone, I become convinced there are hidden cameras in the room and I will end up on a porn site.

I love hotels. I’d love to go on a weekend break to a hotel by the sea.

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I have no problems with hotel. I have stayed in different hotels in the last two weekends. I like it.

I’ve never felt uncomfortable staying in hotel rooms, I may have made the neighbor’s uncomfortable once or twice :smile: But no, I’ve stayed in plenty of hotels and felt perfectly comfortable. It’s checking in that makes me uncomfortable unless I’m with someone else, not always, but often, but I feel the same way at the receptionists window in my mental health waiting room.

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anonymity! yay!

check out this lovely bathroom! look at all the fancy soaps and shampoos! let’s use them ALL

jump on the bed! toss the blankets around! roll all over and watch tv with no pants on! yaaaay

order room service dinner and a horror movie! eat in the dark with the volume up loud!

if there’s a pool, doubleplus excitement ( but i hate going in when there are others present, so i tend to swim at odd hours, or just sit in the hot tub instead)

in short: no. i love hotels. so much fun. i haven’t been to one in years, sigh.

I worry about bieng robbed and bed bugs and had some roaches in one one time.