Is star wars technically a religion? Can we talk about star wars?

I think that secretly all the sz people are jedi who can’t control the force but are force sensitive. Discuss.


Derivitive fiction that really wasn’t that good as sci fi. Sure it was popular but there’s so many other great sci fi movies out there.

Thought it was ok when I was 7 years old…kinda moved on from there…:slight_smile:

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I guess fandoms are kinda like religion. I think Harry Potter is my religion if I’m religious at all. If I had to swear on a bible I’d lie through my teeth but if you give me one of those Harry Potter books I would have to tell the truth. Star Wars is okay, but I prefer things like doctor who when it comes to sci-fi

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My voices were very into Harry Potter when I started hearing them. I only read the series once, but it led me to read them over again. I still don’t see why my voices loved hp so much.

I’ve had that same thought. Also there’s an actual Jedi religion that you can sign up for online. They have meetings and gatherings and whatnot.

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Jedi are derived from Taoism. (alarm sounds)


Lots of people here are excited with the next installment of the series. Can’t blame some people who take fandom seriously.

How Tao? Explain. I could see Buddhism, or even Raja Yoga.


They practice detachment, which is what Taoism is. Meditation is also not exclusive to Buddhism. Officially, the Tao does not have a sacred text that you can find. There is more stuff out there that talks about what the Tao’s sacred text says, which is considered the sacred text (if that makes sense). I don’t have anything official saying that George Lucas took Jedi religion from the Tao. However I will be back when I get more information.

This video does a good job of explaining the two connections. However I would change the part where they talk about Wu Wei to more of acting on instinct. Bruce Lee explained this that when he punches “I don’t move, it moves” which is a simple way of explaining it. It doesn’t always have to do with fighting however. It can be any action you take that goes without thinking - “Action through inaction”. The Force is said in the films to guide one’s actions, so you can see how these two concepts are similar.

Just as well the concept of Yin and Yang are originated in Taoism which can be equivocated to the dark and bright sides of the force.

So Taoism is definitely present in Jedi religion in the movies. However if you look at more recent films cough Rouge One cough you can see a lot more Abrahamic religious influences.


I put my religion as Jedi when I filled out the latest census form :wink:


First of all,

We can always discuss Star Wars.


In the films it states that the force is an ancient religion.

So, yes.

As far as your theory,

I hope you’re right!!

In basic i put my religion was jedi… so it said jedi on my dog tags… i had to do alot of push up for that… How Many Push Ups You Ask… All The Push Ups…


The text for the Tao is The Lao Tzu.

The book of a thousand characters.

Some call it the Lao tzu, some call it the Tao te Ching.


Understand this topic I do not. I mean to formulate a religion based on entertainment seems a little outlandish. IMFUO.

What next? Two Girls, One cupism.

You can talk about Star Wars. It’s an entertainment franchise. If you want to go in depth about Jedi beliefs and practices, though, you’ll need to do it elsewhere.

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Honestly Lucas borrowed from a lot of old motifs!

The knights are good. ( Arthurian legend ). The Force is good ( tao so they say ). The dark side…from countless sci fi novels! Storm troopers…( from ww2 Germans ). Robots from countless sci fi…

It was a great series for it’s time but it really was derivitive of a lot of previous works and history. No offence. Those jedi goons were banned over here in census. Clever and funny unless you do it a million times.

Just saying. Star Wars was great. For it’s time!


A lot of the best films borrow from things that nobody’s heard of yet.

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I love Star Wars. I had a Star Wars themed dream the other night. Wish it was recorded. Waiting for the new one to come out so I can go and see it. I think it comes out soon.