Is society fair?

can we say its fair, fair meaning a equal chance

no and I’m not liberal or conservative (I’m in between) but I hate the liberal minded slogan “You can do anything”…I can’t do anything. I can’t be a singer I don’t have the voice, although I’d love to be a singer. I can’t be this or that. Why tell kids you can do anything. Say “You gotta do something, so you best pick it now so you can get good at it” or when I was in college I said I have no clue what I wanna do and they said “You’ll figure it out”…welp I’m 25 now and nowhere close to figuring it out. Oh well.

as a rule - Society is never fair

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It never has been. But don’t let that be an excuse

To quote @SoitGoes , from another thread :

No. It never has been.

The greatest of all illusions for Humans - THE GREATEST - is that the Family (your parents etc) are for you. When they actually are not. :slight_smile:

My family have been my strongest allies.

Of course, everyone’s situations are different, and sometimes they are working for us when we feel they are working against us, and sometimes the opposite.

Its Perception Rhubot :smile:

Perception can be wrong :smile: (about your own family too).

I know. It was when I thought they were working against me. But years of caring for me, supporting me, fighting for me have shown me the truth. Your perception might very well turn out to be wrong, too.

I am not in touch with them (or intend to).

So are they.

So my perception towards them dosent matter.

Anyways, your perception (then and now) could both be wrong. You may feel they are helping you when they actually are not.

Its beyond yourself…so lets leave it at it.

Take care :slight_smile: :four_leaf_clover:

I am sorry you are having such a hard time. I hope you eventually get better.

what does that supposed to mean?. be clear

Dont be sorry.

I am not.

Someone treats me like cattle and throws me away to an insane ward for their legal benefits.

And you think my perception towards them is wrong?.

Come on, either you are retarded or seriously a low brainer.

Just that your perceptions have caused you live in fear and to tell all people, even those you have never met, that none of their families care for them. It seems like a sad way to experience the world. I hope you eventually feel better.

Best wishes.

well, I am speaking OUT OF MY EXPERIENCE. Atleast in my country, most ADULTS (well into their 60s) sometimes have serious grudges against their parents.

This is in my COUNTRY where the Patriarchial Parental dominating culture is solid.

YOUR PARENTS love you and care for you…Im all for it. I was Wrong then.


It is quite evident that YOUR EXPERIENCE of your family towards you is a LOT BETTER or atleast you perceive it to be.

So that makes our experiences quite the opposite.

Just as I appreciate that I hope you will appreciate my angst against my family.

Atleast understand that no two families or stories will always be the same.

Just as I feel that every family is bad (based on my bad experience) you are wrong in perceiving that EVERY OTHER family is GOOD OR CARING just because YOURS IS.

Hope I am wrong anywhere here?.

Oh, I absolutely know not every family is good. Parts of my very own extended family are terrible. I withhold judgment on your family as we have only your account, and your delusions unfortunately make you an unreliable narrator of your own experience. They could be terrible, they could be trying desperately to help you. I have no way of knowing.

But I do know that every family is different.

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It was never “equal opportunity”, but it could end in “equal outcome”. For instance, it doesn’t make sense to judge people the same way if they come from different economic, societal, social, familial, etc. backgrounds. Everyone is unique, and some are genuinely stronger, smarter, faster, etc. than others.

If people were less judgmental, we’d be able to balance out society much more than we already have. I’m optimistic that society will get better over more experience & time together.

Never was and never will be. Schizophrenic or not, it’s still survival of the so called “fittest”. You have to forge your own cunning way of survival and obtaining the means for a decent living. That’s what I do and I don’t get ssi/ssdi.