Is showering over-rated ....?

I shower every day, once.

When I was severely negs I didn’t shower properly like ever.

I would wash stinky parts when I was in the mood

I shower or bathe twice a week. I wash my face and brush my teeth every day. I don’t ever have sex so, I don’t have to worry about being clean for a lover.

On my days off I started skipping showers sometimes. If I know I’m not going anywhere important then I sometimes skip showers. But two days without a shower is the max.

It’s way too hot here. I shower everyday at least. In summer i may have two a day but I’m a bit slacker these days. I’ve even been having cold showers…just saw somethign saying it’s good for you as I usually have the water boiling hot!

No, showering is definitely not overrated. It feels good while doing it and you feel good after. Ever notice how a woman can smell so good you see in public? Show her you’re the same. It can greatly enhance your sanity to shower, shave, and scrub your teeth! I use a body wash that is also a shampoo and have a quick method of cleaning myself so I don’t have to think about it.

I’m not going to shower until after I move to o my new apartment next Thursday. I don’t want to have to clean the bathtub again in my old apartment. I’m just going to use baby wipes to clean myself and dry shampoo on my hair. Things will be better after I move.

Everyday. One of things which start day.

On hot sweaty summer might do twice.

i shower on wednesday and i take a bath on sunday.