Is Seroquel addictive?

I’ve started taking seroquel in conjunction with invega. I’m only supposed to take it occasionally when things get “bad” like if I’m getting a lot of negative bad messages through the radio.

I find I take it nearly everyday. Especially when I’m bored. I don’t get high from it but it puts me to sleep and relaxes me a great deal.

I don’t think it is addictive because people have to take it everyday in much higher doses than I take. I only take 25mg - 50mg prn.

I really like it though.

I have a history of addiction. Mum’s worried that I might be addicted to seroquel, what do you think?

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If it’s helping, it’s helping.

It’s not addictive. I was on 600mg a day and was slowly cross tapered to abilify without any issues. (seroquel didn’t help me).

I doubt your doctor would have any problems prescribing it full time, especially at a 50mg dose.

Thanks @everhopeful. I didn’t think it would be addictive because 1. I doubt my psychiatrist would prescribe anything addictive, and 2. people have to take it everyday. But I thought I would just check, in some ways I feel like I might be misusing it.

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You sound like you’re using it correctly. 50mg along with a main antipsychotic. I used it as my main antipsychotic and it just didn’t work out.

I was complaining about abilify anxiety after being on it for a while, and my psychiatrist suggested 50mg seroquel to go with it. But I just wanted off the seroquel train completely.

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I, on the other hand, really seem to have taken to seroquel. I take 12mg of invega every morning and take 25mg - 50mg prn. I’ve found I’ve been taking 25mg daily and upping it to 50mg if things get scary like they did yesterday.

But say on Saturday after Mr Turtle’s father visited and it put me out of sorts for the day, I took 25mg just to calm down and have a nap.

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I’m really happy it works. :sunny: It did wonders for @jimbob too along with his main antipsychotic.


I was on seroquel many years ago, 200mg a day. It didn’t make me tired at all.

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I must be really sensitive to it then, because 25mg is enough to make me pass out.

@everhopeful I’m really glad it is working too because things were getting really scary. It really curbed what could have been a catastrophe as far as recovery goes.

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yes the research I read said that it should only be lowered 25-50mg at a time. i cut it by 200mg once and three weeks of hell followed.

oh, incidentally, it’s not a substance people abuse.

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Thanks for your input Chest. I hope you are well.

At the dose you are taking it at it is a potent antihistamine not an antipsychotic which it becomes at doses of 150+. This is why it makes you sleep, you are basically taking benadryl on steroids. In fact I have heard of people being more sedated by lower doses of this drug than higher ones.

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I wonder why this is. It’s curious.

Hey @anon84763962. I take seroquel. I don’t think it’s addictive. It just can be sedating which I suppose can be kinda pleasant if you are having a hard time. It certainly doesn’t produce tolerance in the addictive sense.

It has worked really well for me. Wouldn’t want to go without it.

If you are finding the sedation too much you can consider the extended release version. This seems to be gentler.

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Thanks @Jimbob, I really appreciate your input. High five, same medicine!


Go team seroquel! :sunglasses:


The Quel is the sweetest smell

The Quel will relieve life’s hell

I too love The Quel.

But seriously I have also been on high doses of it for many years and at 50mg it is meant to be a relaxer. I take 100mg prn and if I’m struggling it does make me sleepy and dopey. I don’t know, it might not be a bad thing that it makes you feel better and more sleepy if you are having symptoms.

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