Is Schizotypal PD just prodromal schizophrenia?

My doctor says I meet a lot of conditions that suggest schizotypal PD, but I know that a STPD diagnosis can’t be given until symptoms have been present for 2 years. At first I thought that this was a very, very long diagnostic window, but then I remembered that the timeframe of prodromal schizophrenia is between two months to two years.

Something else that supports this theory is that some cases of STPD develop into schizophrenia, and some do not. The program i’m enrolled in here is designed to treat early psychosis, and my doctor says that in the trials across the country the program was very effective in preventing full psychosis. What this says to me is that if caught early, patients can avoid developing the full range of symptoms, and end up falling into the STPD categorization.

I might be completely off base, but I was hoping for some insight.

Hopefully I don’t get in trouble for bumping

I would trust what your doctor says. You caught it early, so you have a much better prognosis than some of us here that went through psychosis. That’s a great thing. I wouldn’t sweat much over it, be happy about that, those are excellent news.

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The only reason I caught it early was because I was a driver at work and suddenly I could hardly drive anymore sigh

Then I wrecked my freaking car

I wish we eliminated diagnosises :jack_o_lantern:

Take care :alien:

Well I know, that does suck. It would suck even more if you went through psychosis, trust me I know :no_mouth:

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It’s probably going to happen right after I find a new job and almost get settled in. Things tend to go that way.

It’s unlikely that that would happen. You’re still on meds, they’re called antipsychotics for a reason, you know? :smile:

I’ve still been getting worse. I’m not stable on meds yet, and have a very tense home environment right now

I was diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder along side schizoaffective disorder depressive type. So, this is interesting to me.

My doc says she doesn’t think I’ll get schizophrenia because I don’t lose touch with reality, but I sure as sh*t know that I have before once I came back.

Yeah, my doc says she doesn’t think I will because I don’t hear voices or have delusional thinking. I’m only a couple months in though, so i’m still bracing for the worst

That doesn’t mean you’ll go psychotic. Relax, it takes some time and you’re obviously aware of your symptoms. It often goes untreated because we aren’t aware. My case for example, it took almost ten years without medication to go from where you are to psychotic.

Only about two months actually. It feels like a lot longer

My Dr. says schizophrenia is schizo-affective without the mood disorder :baby_chick:

He says that sometimes they say one thing in the p. doc community, and then they change it up and say another thing. But right now the only difference between sz and sz affective is the mood disorder added. Which one is more severe than the other? It depends on the case. he says drugs didn’t help my case but I was destined to be schizoaffective because I have psychosis and a mood disorder. Although if I never did drugs it would be less severe :japanese_ogre:

My fault :8ball:

He says it used to be schizoaffective just meant “severe bi-polar”, but it’s changing. So best not to pay too much attention to it :sunny:

STPD is different from schizoaffective, it’s when only some of the major symptoms are present

I’m sza also and lost touch with reality. I think it took a long time, and you guys caught yours early

I feel I was prodromal schizophrenic then I developed the mood disorder later on.

When I was a young ttp…15-16-17 years old I saw :rainbow:'s and :japanese_goblin: and :ghost:'s…but I was happy in fantasy land…then I became :angry: and developed a mood disorder too I believe.

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Yeah, my fantasy land was happy also. Except for demons, I wasn’t happy about those. But animal spirits are pretty cool. Ghosts didn’t see any, tried to but never happened. Aliens I saw. If I would believe everything I saw I would be on those history channel tv shows.

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Okay in all seriousness, I’m gonna stop pretending I’m darksith :laughing:.

In my fantasy world it wasn’t rainbows and goblins and demons. It was just me trying to pretend life was good. It was a coping mechanism. When people think of fantasy world they think of alice and wonderland. It wasn’t like that for me. But I was happy because I was in la la land.

Sounds like yours was more imaginative than mine. Mine was pretty imaginative but I don’t give myself as much credit as you deserve for your imagination :wink:

I was unreal/disconnected. Then came the drugs and it brought me back into reality but not fully, and cause psychosis and all kinds of chaos.

I wrote a rap once

“I’m here from the haze. Gone from the crazed phase that I had to erase”

I feel its true. I’m more here than I was but still gone, the damage was already done.