Is Schizophrenia the Split of focus?

Disclaimer: This is just my theory and is not based on facts.

I imagine a normal person should have only one focus. But somehow, the person with Schizophrenia has one focus outside and another focus inside. The focus inside makes him/her aware of hallucinations and delusions. Meanwhile the focus outside is less powerful now (e.g. lack of motivation) because it is divided into two polarities.

Split of focus:
Focus inside the Schizophrenic: Positive symptoms of Schizophrenia
Focus outside the Schizophrenic: Negative symptoms of Schizophrenia

Normal focus, either inside or outside: No symptoms of Schizophrenia


I think that one of my psychology teachers espoused a similar theory.He was into the dopamine hypothesis, and argued that excess dopamine causes non-focused attention.There are a lot of related Google scholar papers on a similar theme."attention+focus"+schizophrenia


it’s thinking so hard it causes brain damage

like if you where at a gym and overdid it and pulled a mussel but kept abusing the mussel all day long

why do you think insulin shock therapy worked so well? the brain can’t take that much strain and it’s constant

im sorry @eeee that was just ranting… that’s what they tell us… I have a problem with this way of thinking not with you I will make a diff topic for it…