Is schizophrenia the "romantic disease?" Do some people who don't have it consciously or unconsciously WANT to have it?

We get people on here occasionally who clearly don’t actually have psychosis, and get combative and aggressive when they’re told it’s probably just anxiety/depression. And then sometimes they come back with a whole new set of symptoms, hoping this time we will say they have it :roll_eyes:


People like the sound of something without realizing the real true meaning and complications. My cousin had discs in his back fused…just resulted in the back pain moving and limited mobility. Of course he smokes so his bones never heal properly. Had back surgery multiple time, then knees rebuilt then his ankle got twisted and since he wouldn’t stay of it he had to have it fused and a rod in that two. Then in an accident damaged tendons in his fingers…thinking the finger was just getting in the way he had it removed, now he can’t hold anything with that hand.Thats exactly what the surgeon told him but he couldn’t believe him

There was that well known 50’s movie ,“Schizophrenia is a many splendoured thing” .


Ah, yes. Nothing says romance like being psychotic and sitting in front of a hallucinated fire in the fireplace with your date, under dim lights, sipping a glass of wine dosed with Haldol with “Paranoid” by Ozzie Osbourne playing softly in the background.


Yeah it happens. Over the years you see it in some people. I’d imagine psychosis is the deal breaker. Not many recover from that without meds unless it’s drug induced. I’ve yet to see a sz person who’se multi episodic…which is most of our population who recover without meds.

The internet is a strange place. It’s like cutting. Most folk don’t know anything about it till they hit the wards and copy that behavior. I’ve seen people who come here who say they cut but want to know why…??

Reason why for some behavior we need moderators and guidelines. Copycat behavior is real and it’s not something that is healthy!

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My doctors have given me diagnosis after about 8 years I was told. Before that I was just told anxiety, depression, mild phycosis. Now szc bpd.
It’s the fact that the Scz or MI symptoms distress, disrupt and cause incredible unpleasant experiences that the person needs to access proffesional help to possibly ease the discomfort of these symptoms. Hearing voices or having delusions is no joke. Especially when you don’t expect it, it’s hostile and or constant to the point it’s unbearable. People can become really unwell, I’ve scared myself at how unwell I was at times, I thought I’d die or have early onset dementia or something. Truman show and persercutory delusions are not fun and they seem to come from nowhere. I don’t know why they sing in pop songs ‘voices in my head etc.’ its not eclectic or poetic, it’s terrifying mostly.
Just like today I felt my entire national disability insurance claim was a set up and I’m going to be caught for fraud and jailed. Dispite all my medical team confirming my diagnosis for years. It has never been in dispute.
I’m always worrying, panicking, needing reassurance.

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I recently started wearing false eyelashes instead of gunky mascara. It’s a great look I’m pleased with and I’m proud to advance to a false eyelash gal. After watching numerous YouTube tutorials.
That scares me about the wards, maybe I don’t want to know it all.

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I don’t see scz as a romantic disease. I don’t cope in relationships and just scream when overwhelmed. I’m so much stress free without a romantic relationship and I think that’s bogus anyways no one can fill your own void. We are in a physical not emotional world. I’d rather go shopping with a man’s money I respect who can provide and protect, that’s all he has to do, 2 jobs. If not I’m not interested in wasting my time.

I personally think it was created to keep people from doing anything worthwhile, because the people who cause it, can’t do anything worthwhile. Then they want you to give up on life, because they can’t stop lying, or leave anyone alone

It’s a horrible disease that nobody should want. If I could give it to someone for a day they’d respect me for the rest of their lives if they had any sense.

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