Is schizophrenia the hardest working illness you can have

voices non stop, do this do that…never a second to yourself al day long.


Some call it “the cancer of mental illness”.

It really is that bad. Never ending pain. Brief escapes from it, only to face it all alone when I go to bed and then it hits me like a kick in the nuts when I wake up. I just took my morning meds, breakfast and coffee and I’m having to wait for my upset stomach to settle and for the meds to kick in.

Yeah it’s been established that this is the worst mental disorder. Some are fortunate enough to be smart as well as schizophrenic. Some have stronger symptoms than others. Some have more disorganized symptoms which are harder to treat.

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Quite possibly. Alzheimer’s & dementia look to be highly difficult as well, maybe throw Parkison’s up there too

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what is parkinsons, is it a mental health problem

Ya, Alzheimer’s deteriorates the brain till death. Schizophrenia doesn’t do that.

A disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement, often including tremors.

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Parkinson’s is a neurological disorder.

I had a bad reaction to haldol and suffered some Parkinsonian symptoms was horrible. Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

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My post came straight from Google’s definition. It makes more sense that it is a problem with the CNS rather than neurons. I don’t really know, though, just Google’s simplest answer to “What is Parkinson’s disease?”

I have HIV and that has been much easier to deal with then this sz bullsh*t. As of right now, these meds are pieces of sh-t compared to my one a day HIV med. I hope to one day have them both taken care of!!! PLEASE GOD!

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