Is Schizophrenia synonomus with Sex Addiction?

Our personal lives are our personal lives, however, in my personal life I find myself engaged with sexual pursuits quiet often...

I think for some of us it’s a pleasure we have, and one of the few we have, so we rely on it. It’s not necessarily an addiction synonymous with schizophrenia though.

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I’m sort of the opposite, when I was in the thick of negative symptoms and very high doses of medications, I had no desire. The idea of sex didn’t make sense. I’ve been celibate for a while due to not having a girlfriend and not thinking in those terms. But I am content and a friendship with a lady has been slowly developing in my life. But I’m the one being shy.

But now that my meds have been adjusted and I have more energy for life, parts of my brain and body are waking up. But it’s not an addiction.

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