Is Schizophrenia really a subset of life?


Schizophrenia might have existed longer than I thought. It was only identifiable in the last century, and it may change its name and criteria of diagnosis as scientists get to know better about this mental disease.

People with schizophrenia in the past century were really victims. People with schizophrenia today are really sufferers. What about the next generation?
No one can choose to be born now or later. Schizophrenia is just one of the illness or cause that contribute to the mortality in human race.
The mental illness is just a subset of life?


I think it started to be recognized in the 1800s when industrialization hit countries. I’ve been reading John Nash’s biography.


I was thinking about this before. Just because I became schizophrenic doesn’t mean I dropped off the face of the planet I was still in society and I had my jobs and gone to school and did a lot of fun things and went where I wanted.
I fulfilled most of my responsibilities like anyone else. Maybe I take this for granted because I remember about a year after I got out of the hospital and I was living in supported housing,
I remember my roommate and my neighbor invited me out to lunch with them at a food court near us. It was crowded and we each got our food and sat down and I remember marveling at how we were right smack dab in the middle of all these normies even though all three of us had once been hospitalized and were on medication. It seemed almost funny, like were getting away with something.

But not too long after that I started to take being in public for granted and when moved out on my own in 1995 when I was 34 I did normal things and in fact lived integrated into society pretty well.


What a wonderful moment. Everything changed for the better after that in your life…


It is not easy @77nick77, I mostly learned from my hallucinations. Even today I need med. But I think am behaving normal.


Is Schizophrenia a subset of normal life? If so, that would help explain why the illness exists (by some sort of design). If we can integrate into normal society to some extent, and not be stigmatized, again, the answer is yes. The idea of sets and subsets may have potential. I think sometimes Venn diagrams can express sets very well. Are you familiar with Venn diagrams?


I am not good in diagrams but will try later when my thinking ability improves.

Thank you for your optimistic point of view!


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