Is schizophrenia a form of RETARDATION?

Da I Don’t Know…… think about it has there been study’s of it? maybe a slow on coming form or something, we know it drops IQ levels and cause some to be incoherent .

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I don’t think so…

I don’t feel retarded in any way, shape or form. I’m eccentric, creative and intelligent despite my Sz affliction.


I think it might be reversed

I’ve worked in direct care

and those with MR often times need meds for mild psychosis

I worry about my own son

anyway, I don’t know why I had a son with Down syndrome

I was only 22.

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Well when I would go to the clubhouse some of the people there looked mentally challenged not mentally ill. But of course they were mentally ill. Some people are low functioning who have schiz. Your probably not on here talking about this.


I think it’s actually been linked to higher IQ

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the best I got is 115

Phil gets 125

I think medication drops your IQ, but mine is still similar

Yeah there were some pretty low functioning Schizophrenics at the hospital and the clubhouse.
Many of them seemed mentally challenged.

People with schizophrenia are more likely to have what Americans call a learning disability than an intellectual disability.

I think sz can effect those with mental retardation as well as those without. But it in and of itself is not mental retardation.

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No. Mental retardation can co-exist with schizophrenia but it also can be by itself also. Retardation or and IQ less than 70 points does not exist in all schizophrenic persons. They are separate categories.

I’m socially retarded. It has nothing to do with sz I don’t think. I’ve always been that way.

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I wouldn’t use the R word, but I’ve always been socially challenged too.


I have learning difficulties

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I mean, I’ve never had an adult relationship. It’s kind of embarrassing. I think the R word is appropriately strong. I doubt anyone lacking a severe physical disability hasn’t had at least one adult relationship or even a friendship as an adult.

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Not officially diagnosed with such, back in the early 60s to mid 70s when I was at school reasonably bright children were very rarely diagnosed as such, but I have definite learning difficulties(non-verbal/spatial/executive functioning) .


I wouldn’t say it inherently is. It’s just that the untreated end up with a neurodegenerative issue which effectively makes them dumber over time and also seems to ruin insight even more.

I know for me, I’ve lost a bunch of my ability with numbers over the years. I can’t even do basic mental math in my head anymore past very very basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Don’t even ask me to try to do anything with more than one digit mentally.

I think the IQ of sz’s can vary. That’s something most psychologists say remains stable over time, but I don’t think it does for schizophrenics.

its only a number and in this instance quite frankly i’d rather i couldnt count lol