Is risperdal the only choice I have?

I don’t have a problem with my risperdal (4mg)

My physctrist doesn’t know other medications. She also sounded like she doesn’t want me to take other medications.

The only medication I tried was abilify and it turned out bad for me.

Why wouldn’t your pdoc know about other medications? They should be knowledgable about other medications unless they got their license out of a cracker jack box.


So every pshyciatrist needs to know hu!

I’ll speak with her soon.She wanted me to write down the medications I want to try.

I just don’t want to gain weight from medications and rejected.

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Hi, there are quite some meds there. I personally had zyprexa, olanzapine, fluanxole, amisulpride and am now on abilify (30mg) combined with risperdal (3mg). The only thing i do not know is, wether they affect weight gain or not. My last meds increased my weight dramatically by 75lbs, so they are definitely not what you want to have.
However, a slight weight gain is normal, unfortunately.

best wishes and become healthy

You have a lot of options, and most of us have taken pretty much everything available.

Currently I’m on Latuda and Prolixin. Latuda is a new antipsychotic, Prolixin is old. Both work in conjuncture to suppress my psychosis.

Any specific drugs you want to try? I’ve probably taken it.

LS! I am taking Risperidone (Risperdal) for the last seven years. However (I am almost 62) I have sometimes a racing heart. Today my heart was examined for the third time. For the second time a cardiologist told me that Risperdal damages the heart and I should consult my psychiatrist for a change in medication. Personally I like Risperdal: I can live really disciplined health conscious for years in a row with it.