Is Reagila/Vraylar a good med?

I’d be interested to hear experiences.

I only just found out it has been made available in the UK.

This might be a good option for me if Amisulpride ever fails

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Just letting folks know that’s otherwise known as vraylar.

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Thanks @everhopeful I have edited the title

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Vraylar has greatly diminished the frequency of my voices. It basically stopped them except when I am seriously stressed or have a lot of social anxiety.

The book I read, Surviving Schizophrenia, calls it a “me too” med that is similar enough to previous meds that it’s not worth considering. That’s just the one author’s take on it though.

I have hope for it as in the UK there is only certain meds, and I have already been through most of the Atypicals.

It’s good we have another option and I hope they approve more soon.

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That was my take on it, I’m glad for as many options as possible to be available, more chance for someone to find one that works for them. I just want a med that helps with negative symptoms… unfortunately the meds generally only address the positive symptoms.

I think they only focus on positives because that’s what makes us more disruptive to the status quo and costs other more money through being hospitalised.

Quality of life seemingly comes second to compliance and acceptable behaviour in society