Is paranoia a problem of psychosis?

usually psychosis is defined as hallucinations and delusions. but what about lesser suspicions like paranoia? often when i’m paranoid, it’s like something is overtaking me, like i’m in an altered state. i feel like i’m slipping into delusion. it feels heightened enough that my intuition says it’s psychosis, but i dont know what science would say.

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Paranoia is considered to be a psychotic symptom. But that being said, not everyone with what they call paranoia is psychotic. If you have a psychotic disorder and you are experiencing paranoia it’s a good bet you are psychotic.

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I don’t know, when my paranoia is firing up it’s almost like tunnel vision, I can try all the reasoning I want but it’s like “yeah sure but…” I’m basically entrenched watching and waiting for the enemy

Oh yeah. Ive had many a row, cos ive been paranoid. Its overwhelming - and thats when i lock myself up and put the headphones on. Its almost as if people are playing mind games with me.

Its over thinking.

I think the defining feature of Psychosis as opposed to Neurosis is that, in a Psychotic State, one has lost touch with Reality.

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