Is oral Haloperidol (Haldol) a better alternative then Invega?

I just had my community treatment order renewed for another year. This makes the 7th year in total I have been on a CTO. There is light at the end of the tunnel though. I’m currently taking Invega 75mg shot every month. I have been on depot meds since 2013. I want to go on oral meds and my pdoc is open to the dissection but he wants me to continue on the CTO incase the switch goes wrong and he can easily section me (involuntary hospitalise me) if I lose insight and refuse meds.

The alternative medication is oral Haloperidol (Haldol) at a low dose. Can you lose weight on Haldol? How are you on it? Is it a better antipsychotic despite being first generation? Will it help with Anhedonia and lack of pleasurable feelings?


My experience of first generation meds is they pack more of a punch than the atypicals - especially on hallucinations/delusions. If you get one which you don’t get bad side effects on I find them better than second generation meds.

Problem is if you do get side effects it is often movement/stiffness problems.

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They both are very strong antipsychotics, but if I was you I would rather the Haldol pill, probably no pill is comparable to an injection, you should check your prolactin levels, if they are high you could ask Abilify, that lowers prolactin and should allow you to lose weight.


I have already maxed the Ability shot out, was on 400mg and that even stopped working.

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Up here in Scotland they use clopixol a lot.

I’ve said this many times before, but one person might have a totally different experience on a med. than another person. Personally, I found Haldol intolerable. That might or might not be your experience, if you take it. If the voices and other hallucinations are that bad you probably do want one of the first generation antipsychotics, but if you think you can maintain control on a less harsh med. you might want to try that. Geodon and Seroquel handle my symptoms just fine, and I don’t feel like a walking zombie when I am on it. You could mention that to your pdoc. That’s a decision for you and your pdoc.

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