Is non-pharmacological treatment an option for certain schizophrenia patients?


I think that psychiatric meds work wonders, especially for emergency type situations.
During a crisis - these psych meds do a miraculous job at stabilizing the person.
I dont know how effective these meds are as maintenance treatments - taking them on a regular basis?
My doctors in the past have kept me on very high doses of meds - especially mood stabilizers, loading me up and keeping me on these higher emergency level doses, without lowering the dose after stability has been achieved.
I have been doing a lot of thinking on this subject lately - I think that many psychiatrists generalize these illnesses and how they treat them. Treating patients with these powerful meds on a daily basis takes a lot of thought and responsibility - dont just overload them with high doses of these meds and keep them on these meds at high doses.
I am furious as to how I was treated by these irresponsible psychiatrists in the past - these meds do have some pretty harsh side effects - I dont care what others think - being on these meds at high doses especially does damage the body eventually. I personally feel that if you have schizophrenia and can function in society and manage without meds - good for you! There needs to be better - safer meds for us. My current family doctor flat out told me that my diabetes was directly caused by the psych meds I am taking - this is completely unacceptable!


The date of Dec 2014? It’s the journal issue, duh.

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Psych meds does reduce or aliviate positive symptoms but also it can cause negative symptoms that pdocs will tell its comornid symptom. As i am lowering my dosage, my concentration is improving. We need to have good concentration so that we can function better in the society. Or else will be looked as dumb even if the person we associate with dont know we have mentall illness.
I think pdocs should always lower the dose untill its the optimum for the patent. Unfortunatly they just keep us on high dose without regard what kind of physical illness we will develop. Seems like they just wants us to be tranqulized and be a couch potato, thats how people can be safe outside.

Yes, as I am lowering the Risperdal I notice that I am more focused - more social and feeling more connected to reality.
What has gotten worse or basically has not improved is my drive or motivation - How has your motivation been @Mindwhisperer? I really thought that lowering these meds would improve my drive or motivation, but it has not been the case - I honestly think that my lack of motivation has nothing to do with the meds - probably connected to my psychosis/illness. I will also say that my anxiety levels and depression have also improved

That’s an interesting thought since this article recommends that as a treatment for “resistant/ultra resistant schizophrenia.” I can see where sedation in extremely serve cases, could help the individual. Help them sleep I guess.

I believe I was sedated a few times, during my hospital stay. It was very degrading being disciplined in this manner. Which I think I was at least once, when I wouldn’t comply with requests to not sit by the door. It’s a painful and lasting memory for me.

Short term- to get over an acute/agitated episode?

From what I understand, the study comes to the conclusion that if you have very mild symptoms of schizophrenia, or very severe, treatment-resistant symptoms, then medication is counterproductive.

Doctors are so wordy, aren’t they.

This has important implications for legislation aimed at enforcing drug treatments on the mentally ill.

Yeah, that’s what I took away from the overall article too. The section about alternate treatment for those that are treatment-resistant just suck out in my mind.

“We are unaware of the existence of a
good quality study assessing this issue but the
therapeutic benefits of sedation should not be underestimated,
partially because sedation can usually be
achieved safely and without the severe side effects of neuroleptics, which are of no use in this group of
patients anyway. Moreover, improving the quality of
sleep would make patients feel and function better.”

My motivation is much better than i was on 3mg or 2mg. But risperdal is powerfull it can cause lack of motivation even on 1mg.
When i was on 3mg i was forcing me to take shower once a week, now i take shower 3 times a week. I can notice my motivation is improving. During summer on hot days i am most sedated with lack of motivation, now the weater cool down, i have more energy. Now i am taking aproxametly 1.12mg. Soon i will drop the 12mg. Even on this low dose my eyes still looked druged, this show the potent of risperdal.

Maybe you have a point - I am on 2 mg of Risperdal, although its a lower dose, its not under the 2 mg mark - maybe under the 2 mg mark, I will see some improvements with my motivation. If all continues to go well, I will go to 1.5 mg of Risperdal in about 2 weeks or so - this is the lowest Iv’e gone with this med thus far.
My target dose is 1 mg of Risperdal, but I really don’t know if my pdoc will agree to this

Yes, I don’t believe they are wanting to sedate people constantly. And no in the sense that this would be a continuing long term strategy, albeit employed at certain time intervals.

Yuck, I need sleep…sleep good.

For me going to a lower dose on the depot is hard as I am on the lowest therapeutic dose of 25mgs Costa.

This post was made by me a month or so after starting Consta and suggests the lack of motivation was already well established before starting the risperdal.!topic/

It is hard to recall motivation levels from before the risperdal but my gut feeling is even if they haven’t worsened things they haven’t improve the motivation either.

I got kind of sick in my stomach when I read “Benzo’s to sedate.” I think that sets psychiatry back about 50 years.

Given the rapidly addictive nature of Benzos, it could be seen as questionable.

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Come to think about it, looking back in time, I always probably had difficulty in getting myself motivated - It might not be related to my antipsychotic use - thanks @firemonkey

Wave you have to know how much is your optimum dose. Pdoc cant know that, i had a big argument with my pdoc to lower the dose, if i had let him to deside i would still be taking 3mg.
lowering my med i take chance of going into psychosis, but i am willing to take that chance to know my optimum range.
For now i am confident that i can handle 1mg. I am thinking to stay on 1 for few months untill i see how well i am handeling stress. If i handle perfect that will motivate me to go even lower.

No doubt medication has helped, but those drugs are still dangerous chemicals and I am suffering severe memory loss issues due to abilify over time.

I am just very grateful to the fact my current pdoc is open and willing to adjust/lower my Risperdal. My past doctors were not willing to adjust my meds - they kept me on emergency level doses of these meds, and never really adjusted the meds accordingly. My target goal is 1 mg - like you. In 2 weeks I will be at the 1.5 mg level of Risperdal, she will probably keep me at the 1.5 mg mark for 2 months or so then adjust it even further, depending on how I do.
So far I am feeling more social and connected to reality, feeling more pleasure in doing things -less depressed and anxious. My motivation levels have not improved - but I still manage to brush my teeth everyday and take a shower 3 times a week or so.
The thing is I dont ride in my car as often and am less willing to go to stores especially by myself.
It is confusing to me, but I thought that the lower dose of an antipsychotic improves motivation, not true for me.
It seems that my motivation levels may have worsened a bit, especially when I have to go out of the house