Is NJ a horrible area?

I want to spend a year there but not sure if I should or not.

Two thirds of the worlds eggplants are grown in New Jersey. Seriously, there’s a lot of different experiences to be had in New Jersey



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Here in the tri state area we look down on New Jersey a lot, but I have a friend who lives there and likes it. It’s too diverse to be defined by the jersey shore stereotype

Area? I’ts an entire state. I know though, I had only passed through out of NYC and it’s all industrial wasteland seemingly. But no, I’ve been upstate and it was very nice there. The eggplant part I didn’t know but then it is the garden state.

The “voice” I hear has told me repeatedly to go to New Jersey since this past summer. “Go to New Jersey!” But then at the same time it tells me they want me “to run” and “leave the state”. I’m a victim damnit…why would the victim run?

I live in NJ - lived here all my life.

NJ sometimes has a bad reputation, but honestly it’s a nice place to live.

We have great shopping, restaurants, active night life etc … We are close to NYC.

It’s a good place to raise a family etc…

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I used to live in NJ with my aunt. Some parts of it smell really bad, hence the saying, “it smells like New Jersey in here.” But if you are in a nice area it’s pretty much the same as any other northeastern suburb. Are you doing a nanny exchange program? If so, you’ll be in a nice area.

You can’t put all the parts of a whole state in one basket. There is bound to be a number of different situations in New Jersey.

If you are going to be close to NYC, be prepared for everything to cost a ton. It’s worth it though, if you like city life.

You are right, there are some Industrial type towns and cities in NJ and there are rural quiet towns here - very beautiful.

There is the shore are ( which I never liked) and there are important cities.

New Jersey has a bit of everything - Living near NYC is a plus if you like that kind of busy lifestyle.

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Born to Run. Thunder Road. Darkness on the Edge of Town.

THE legend of NJ

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I lived in NJ for 24 years. I moved out this year because of the fast paced life style, the pollution and money. The air and water are heavily polluted. Noise pollution esp. Those three things make NJ uncomfortable to live in. NJ is expensive. The property taxes are the highest in the nation. The people in my area were friendly and respectful. I called NJ the user friendly state, although the authorities tended to be officious. A lot of police. There is something for everyone. You can take care of any need there. The drivers are reasonable because they have to be-there are so many people driving. Culture is nil. New Jerseyans are mostly frantic these days because of stress. I called NJ the bourgeois state.

Yeah I do notice that their are a lot of cops around here - This town has virtually no crime, but the sirens are going off all of the time - lots of police officers everywhere, I do notice this.

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