Is my text too much?

Last Saturday morning I got a new AA Sponsor. We texted a little bit Saturday. Out of the blue I sent him a very long text which he didn’t respond to. Did I go overboard with him and screw up the relationship? The text I sent follows:

Hey Spencer. My sister doesn’t want me calling her on the weekend. It’s her “me” time to de-stress and try to reduce her anxiety. She and her family are the only relatives I have, except for cousin Dawn who lives in Cabot with her family, and Uncle John and his family who live in Jacksonville, FL. My sister lives in Gaithersburg, MD, a DC suburb. Since Mother died February 2018, I live alone in Little Rock. I’m disabled with schizophrenia, a mental illness. I go to my psychiatric care provider, Gain Inc, weekdays. They have a socializing, activities center. I’m alone on the weekends. I try to call people then. Also, I’m 59 years old, and will be 60 May 26. My sobriety date is August 7, 2016. I’m bored right now and thought I would give you some background information.

sounds good, hes probably just one of those people who are really busy. He probably got the text while he was driving or something and meant to respond but just kinda forgot and havent gotten around to it. Dont worry about it man, just stay busy and im sure he’ll shoot you back a text in a few


Sounds like a reasonable text. I often get texts when I can only glance at it and mean to answer back when I’m free. I am notoriously bad at forgetting for quite awhile to respond.

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I think the text is fine, but it doesn’t really leave room for an easy reply. If that makes sense. What’s he supposed to say?


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what you texted. Seems perfectly normal to me.

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