Is my symptoms perhaps psychological?

I seem to have the same stress and symptoms even on meds. Maybe not so strong ones on meds but is my mind more in need of a therapist than meds? What if I get into therapy and then don’t need meds anymore? Am I still sza or lying? I’m confused (again!)

My marriage seems to stress me out. I love my husband but I would like to be single. So if I leave him (despite loving him) would my symptoms go away and I not need meds?

Fuuck why am I so confused?? I keep on thinking I’m one big liar who’s taking meds for nothing just because I’m stuck in stress. It seems I just want to ruin my life or be a victim. Maybe I thrive on being a victim. That just proves I don’t have sza and am fake. Shitt.


You will still need an AP. But your recent posts show a lack of trust in your own judgment, maybe even an identity crisis. For that, working with a therapist would be most helpful.


Maybe I’m borderline as well as one of my previous pdocs said (along with sza)

I don’t know anymore I just know I’m terrified if I’m faking it and don’t need meds but just attention seeking or love being a victim.

You need meds but there are also psychological components to how you are feeling.
It’s a good idea to seek out a therapist as well.

Your marriage and relationship with your husband is weighing on your mind causing distress


If you can reduce your stress level, you might be able to have less symptoms and do with less meds. Maybe.

Maybe you require case management. I been on case management for 2 years. I am so much more stable and have been out of the hospital.

Its a lot of pressure and work. Every week an hour with my case manager in step with my therapist monthly. So my pdoc therapist and case manager are always on the same page.

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Your med helps you deal with your psychological issues.

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I wish I knew nothing about mental illness and could start over with knowledge so that I know I haven’t faked it or lied or complained about nothing or was fooled by what I read. Oh man…

What you can do is deal with the present day. Dont worry about the past.

My personal opinion is that meds and a therapist both sound like a good idea for you.

I think that are both likely to be beneficial to you.

Not everyone can be completely symptom free on meds alone, but I wouldn’t abandon them either.

Maybe you are treatment-resistant. That doesn’t mean that they don’t help at all. Just that they don’t help you as much as everyone would like.

I was very fortunate that AP’s were able to pretty much erase all my positive sz symptoms on their own. Not everyone is that way though.


You are what you are. Your doctor would see right through you anything, you can’t fool them. They are highly trained. Anyway you are having a moment. Take a beat. You love your husband. Relationships with two people who who both have some form of disabilities are difficult. So realize what you are feeling is not uncommon.


Is meds supposed to help with intrusive/inserted thoughts or is it only therapy that helps that?

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Sometimes AP help with intrusive thoughts, sometimes they don’t. You just have to manage them. And recognize them. Thoughts are safe if you don’t act on them.

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You are not a fake and you are not lying. It is so common that it is almost universal for sz/sza’s to believe that they are phoney/fake/lying about their illness and it stems from paranoia. At least mine did. You are NOT fake.


I get horrible intrusive thoughts around people and believe they can hear them. It’s a nightmare to manage. I really agree with @Bowens, not sure what kind of healthcare you have available but adding a therapist to your team could help you a lot. I know you will be thinking you’re manipulating your therapist, but you can’t. Per @SkinnyMe You are NOT a fake.


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