Is my relationship dead?

We went on holiday and there is no intimacy whatsoever… maybe hugging but that’s about it. I think I am asexual, but I’m not sure about him. I feel bad for him. He says I need to work on feeling better first.

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I think there’s a lot of questions you need answered before immediately jumping towards the dead relationship question. You need to talk to your boyfriend and do some self reflecting on what you want with intimacy. Do you want intimacy and sex? Does he? Is it a low priority for both of you? Are you upset about a lack of intimacy? Are you worried he’s upset about a lack of intimacy? Do you want to work on being more intimate if you aren’t asexual?

You have to communicate with him and possibly seek professional help if you can’t answer these questions on your own and with your partner.


Is intimacy like sexy stuff?

I think you can have a good relationship and not be all about sex too. Some people place it as high priority and others do not. Theres really no rules, its about what works for you and your partner.


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