Is my life good or not

i m 32 yo
1-12 years old i was fine but i was very young
12-15 yo i start to be challenged by obesity nd obesity started to affect my maleness
started to hide all what i have nd i started to suffer from inside
15-19 yo all ppl know they started to say i m not male at all!!!
19-20 yo i lost 40 kg !! i felt i m wonderful
20-32 yo which is now
voices begin they torture harass and make ppl laugh at me and annoy me
how do you rate my life

  • good
  • bad
  • very bad
  • wonderful

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0-34 has sucked for me, but I have had a few good moments to remember

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really sorry for you
your life seem to be bad
but you seem to be wonderful person you becoz you beared all of that
you should love yourself so much becoz of that
thats what i do when i think why to love my self ?
i say i must love myself becoz i go through so much difficulties in my life nd i m here now in my place now
many ppl give up in life but i dont
despite everything

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That’s to be applauded and the strength you have is something to fight for

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you r wonderful person
thank you

I don’t know you well enough to rate your life. I do suggest that you stop taking your voices seriously as they aren’t real and have no power over you. That will improve your life.


How did you lose weight?

i run run run so much long distances nd good diet
but these days i hadnt mental illness
voices dont like at all if i run
so i didnt run for so long time !!!

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Did you ever try vitamin B3(Niacin) for the voices? Dr Abraham Hoffer showed already back in the 1950’s, case reports of people who recovered from voices when taking high doses of this vitamin. I take 500mg daily myself. I don’t have voices, but I do have intrusive/foreign thoughts, and it really makes a difference in quieting them down.

It doesen’t help everybody, there are some stuides that have mixed or contradicting results, but it clearly helps some people.

This is not a a alternative to anti psychotics, but a add-on theraphy. Not completely without risk. If you take very high doses like many grams daily it could impair liverfunction. But 500mg daily is considered pretty safe.

It could be worth trying if you are struggling with voices.

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I voted “good.”

It sounds like you had a good childhood from 1-12 years. I think not everyone can say that. I had a good childhood too, and I think that alone makes my life a good one.

Some very good things have happened since 12, too. But, even when I was in a rough spot just before my big psychotic episode, I told my team lead something like: “I had a good childhood. The rest of this is just gravy.”

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i would vote my life bad right now. i have a good place to live and i’m on medication that helped but i’m very lonely. told one of the docs that my childhood was awesome and he wrote that it was uneventful. 14 to 21 was really cool and interesting. 21 i got ill but hang on doing okay but reclusive then. 27 i went to treatment again and did alright, now i’m alone at my parents house thinking about trying to move back above the garage.


Maybe he was just jealous. I don’t blame people for feeling a little jealous if their childhood wasn’t good. I think some of them made up for some of it later, though.


I rated your life as good and I have similar symptoms as well and I think that I’ve got a good life.

I would say not good or bad but in the middle.

I did not rate your life because I think the quality of your life depends largely on how you perceive it, but if I had to rate your life I would put it somewhere between good and bad. A lot depends on how you compare your life to the lives of people in different circumstances. If we had to compare our lives to people in Ukraine or Yemen our lives would be very good indeed, but if we had to compare them to Bill Gate’s or Elon Musk’s lives we would feel deprived. Both of those guys are not living hedonistic lives. They’re happy to spend their lives working. But they do have more possessions. Personally, I would like to live a socialist life, but I know that does not produce the best life for everyone. But I am happy to live a life of few creature comforts, spending my leisure reading and writing and messing around on my computer.

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