Is morality prejudiced?

sometimes I think I’ve been the victim of prejudice of morality that permeates my culture. it’s my belief that a lot of people who believe themselves to be moral are prejudiced and would infact consider me immoral.


im not a criminal, I don’t need to be policed.

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In what way? A concrete example would go a long way here.


A lot of people who are close minded tend to think that something they are afraid of is automatically to be squashed instead of understood.

Sometimes the target has to try to open minds, or reevaluate the relationships of others, sometimes there own.

First I would identify the issue, identify why I feel prejudiced about. And weigh why it’s happening. If you can name it, you have power over it.


sometimes I felt prejudice over past behaviours of mine. for example drinking, weed use, and sexual promiscuity, those are the main ones. also I got in trouble for not getting along with officials and authorities, while I was always picked up hiking along the highways. often in an manic effort to get the hell out here and live in a different culture. is not submitting to the authorities immoral? also I don’t believe I have a sinful nature by birth but won’t get into religion.

Yeah, I don’t think any of those things are immoral. Why would they be? Don’t let judgmental people get you down.


I believe morality is pretty simple. Things that hurt others are bad. Everything else could be healthy or unhealthy, but not immoral. All the things you described are unhealthy, but not immoral. They may be looked down upon by others in your community, but they aren’t things you need to atone for unless you hurt anyone while you were doing those things.

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thanks. I didn’t intend to get into this tangent. I tried to put it in the past, but it’s brought up repressed emotions. I’ve decided im going to pay off my place and then move out of west. I need a fresh start. in the meantime, im just going to stay out of trouble and keep a low profile. be a bit of a hermit for a few years.

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